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Uber, Lyft Revenues Drop By Staggering 50% Due To Coronavirus Outbreak
Bruce Powers 4/3/2020 5:55:55 AM

Considering that many companies are now at 0%, this is actually surprisingly good news for $UBER and $LYFT. Plus that 50% decrease does not include the additional 50% increase in Uber’s food delivery segment.

Lyft Grows Ridership, Beats Revenue Estimate In Q4, But Stock Drops
Barry Glassman 2/11/2020 10:21:09 PM

Seems like a good time to buy $LYFT to me.

Can The Lyft Stock Lift Itself Up After IPO Fumble?
Barry Hochhauser 4/13/2019 8:43:16 PM

Great explanation on the $LYFT mess. Hopefully it will be a lesson to other companies to not be too greedy.

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