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E Market Briefing For Thursday, Jun. 24
Article By: Gene Inger
Thursday, June 24, 2021 4:03 AM EDT
Around record S&P levels, discussions drone-on about crypto or the Fed, and inflation, along with vague discussions about returning risk from COVID.
In this article: SRNE, LPTH Also: PFE, MRNA
E Market Briefing For Friday, Jan. 15
Article By: Gene Inger
Friday, January 15, 2021 9:57 AM EDT
Since projecting a similarly-timed S&P shakeout, for a late January/early February time-frame, many market influences have 'evolved' shall we say. Though COVID-19 lingers, the prospect of emergence may limit the downside of the next shakeout.
In this article: LPTH, OIL, SPY, UUP, MRNA
E Market Briefing For Thursday, Dec. 31
Article By: Gene Inger
Thursday, December 31, 2020 3:36 AM EDT
Price movement sensitivity is limited, as markets tend to finish a year fairly stable, with the concerns secondary to contemplating many challenges.
In this article: SRNE, TSLA, LPTH Also: AZN, F, MRK, PFE, REGN, SPX, BITCOMP
E Market Briefing For Tuesday, Dec. 29
Article By: Gene Inger
Tuesday, December 29, 2020 3:32 AM EDT
Anxiety relief suffices to describe the market's response to the President's shift late Sunday, by signing the 'relief' bill, while lobbying for the $2000 check to each qualified individual anyway.
In this article: INO, SRNE, AAPL, LPTH, T Also: DIA, SPX
E Market Briefing For Thursday, Oct. 15
Article By: Gene Inger
Thursday, October 15, 2020 3:10 AM EDT
It is a more cautious time, based on pandemic, on politics, on expensive stock leadership, while the more-mundane stocks aren't particularly pricey at all. But of course that presumes we emerge from the bunker-lifestyle quickly enough.
In this article: SRNE, REGN, LPTH Also: AAPL, SPX, HTBX

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Market Briefing For Thursday, Jan. 14
Kurt Benson 1/24/2021 3:05:56 PM

Where do you think $LPTH is headed?

Market Briefing For Wednesday, July 29
Gene Inger 7/30/2020 9:21:39 PM

It's like the Spanish Flu of 1918-19... suffering and a recession; but it led to the Roaring 20's and that might happen this time too; despite all the belief that monetary policies will inhibit that. I'm compassionate and lost a cousin to this horror last week; but life goes on and might as well be trading markets independent of impulsive or emotional reactions to events; which is often the wrong moves to make. We've nailed this as you know from reading my excerpts here; and I hope you understand that I was in tears hearing back in February from people who said our warnings helped them get PPE and protect families at a time Washington wasn't advising it. And since turning bullish on March 23rd it's been great. Checkout $AMD, $LPTH and $SRNE all of which we owned and own.

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