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ARKK Suffered $352 Million In Outflows On Wednesday Before Plunging To 52 Week Lows On Thursday
Harry Sinclair 1/14/2022 3:19:04 PM

Right now it's a death spiral because $ARKK is such a large holder of most things it's invested in. ARK attracted way too much money for its "disruptive" strategy because many of these companies don't have huge market caps ($TSLA is an exception). All the buying by the ARK ecosystem drove prices higher but that knife cuts both ways. Faced with redemptions, ARK is forced to sell things to generate cash, which hammers the prices of illiquid securities and triggers...more redemptions. Rinse, repeat. The smart move would have been to close the funds to new investors instead of raising so much new money on the back of her TSLA success. Greed is a sin for a reason and ARK's investors are paying the price for not understanding that.

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