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The Bankruptcy Of The Planet Accelerates – 24 Nations Are Currently Facing A Debt Crisis
5 years ago

Sorry for my english,but u can get the point as long u are not a hypocrite and bring stupid arguments like Lawrence Hughes. First of all,Sweden and Norway are probably the most socialist countries in the world, and they have been this way for a long-long time. No no debts, and more then this, two of the most wealthiest countries in the world....Everyone talks about global crisis,but this is not the case...There is a moral crisis that leads to all this....This corporatist world cant take it anymore,play it simple...best economic measure is drop to 0 the influence of the lobbysts,especially those that come from USA or UK...in long termns,Europe will be destroyed if we sign the ;special trade agreement with USA...Like Jose Marti said,stay away from USA and u will be much better in long terms. Take the history book AND SEE what FMI EXPERTS said and how they imposed their view over the goverments form other countries....Joking a lil bit,whatever the FMI and World Bank tells your government to do,u have to do the opposite way..Also,economics scholars can tell u that USA can be compared with kyrgyzstan or other countries that have close to zero democracy when it comes to wealth spreading @ the population....The so called free market is a joke. Do people know from where almost 90%of the profits from the USA banks come from? The 1% theory is not true,because not those 1% of the people set the agenda,but way less then 1%,....In USA u have 2 parties,but the ones that are wining the all the time are the lobbysts. There is not only a global crisis when it comes to $$$$,but everything is going in a bad direction...

And most important,the free press is harder and harder to get...

democracy,press,education,technology is used in a very bad way,same for medicine and so on....we have to rethink everything and go back and understand history better....we have to check the influence of USA and UK over the world.... look on ONU / FMI / World Bank to see how democracy orfree markets; are working right now u will understand that a global crisis is not the real problem....Dont understand why ONU main headquarters are in New York when USA dont give a crap on what other say,not even on basic things....Not even the comunist China or the russians are violating the democracy like USA/UK...After the invasion of Iraq,even most of the world was against that,Norway and other countries that have nothing to do with it are paying a HUGE PRICE right now...Imagine a 5.000.000 country that had to take 700.000 in the last 10years from middle east after the iraq invasion started....No1 is talking about this....How USA/UK actions created a huge problem in Scandinavia....There are many,many things to speak of,but the financial crisis is a small problem compared with what we are facing right now....Democracy itself its in danger if USA /UK influence over the world will remain the same....or if USA/UK will not change,which is unlikely.....

Reduce the influence of USA and UK over the world and things will improve by default....i can talk in my native language how FMI was the cancer of my nation....Now,same people tell Greece what to do? but who fault is? Only the greece fault? What about the lobbyists that gave Greece so much money,moneys that Greece needed a permision to actually spend and now they are complaing...Money that Greece had no rights to borrow in 1st place...Ofc,via coruption greek politicians made things bad....but is not only Greece fault....and right,EU is turning in to a racist and stupid organization while the USA influence in the heart of EU is gettin bigger and bigger....thats a much bigger problem then the financial one....

;"Almost all countries have been risking everything with reckless socialism" WHAT A JOKE U ARE Lawrence Hughes....is not the socialism that is destroying democracy,free market,cultures and common sense,but this corporatist view of the world that is doing all these....USA and Uk culture and mentality ruined the world....is obviously that the direction aint good...before the invasion,Iraq was the main exporter of oil....most of ONU states were against the invasion....when Saddam did way worse things 20-30 years ago,no invasion....when Kuwait was in need of help,huge coaltion from UK and USA....when Rwanda needed help,no coalition.... when u have this culture and mentality that is spreading all over the world,how do u expect things not to go from bad to worse? Maybe is the 1st time in history when the humans are regressing....

The moral crisis is what leads to these problems,the hole sistem is corupt and bad...starting from small things to the very complicated one....And those that have strong arguments and cant be bought with $$$ by corporatists are muted and isolated.... translate these; a small piece of how USA influence is destroing my country,the values from my country,the traditions,everything...EUROPE itself will become a the new India soon.... Yeah,in short run,if UK will leave EU will be a bad thing from the financial point of view,but in long terms will be the best thing for EU....Thanks god that USA influence didint put Turkey in EU by now.... I want EU to be independent and to stay away from USA. If UK wants to leave the EU that will be even better....If there wont be a renaissance from EU, a cultural one,things will go very bad for humans...

And PS:lAWRENCE Hughes,the 'socialists' are kicking ass...the corporatist USA that uses 30%Of world resources is so POOR compared to Norway (pib per capita).

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