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Profit On Genworth Deal Uncertainty
7 years ago

But the deal hasn't gone through yet? Quoting from your article:

"....there is substantial skepticism that the deal will go through at that level, or possibly at all."

If that's the case, there may well be considerable volatility ahead for the stock.

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Top Ten Reasons Self Driving Cars Are Useless
7 years ago

Yes the potential for danger is there but if we look back at history there were probably lots of resistance and fears regarding the internal combustion engine when they were beginning their entry into the urban world and were threatening the replacement of the horse drawn carriage. Similarly, there was opposition to airplanes at the beginning of their creation. You are correct, there are risks and challenges ahead but I believe that the risks will be ironed out and self driving cars will be here en masse within the next decade or two. Perhaps self driving mass transport will come quicker though. I foresee, the major car companies will be left in the dust if they don't grab on to the wings of destiny in the self driving market place.

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Gold And Unrealistic Expectations - Gold Is Not An Investment
7 years ago

Perhaps gold as a commodity is not the greatest investment because of the obvious liabilities in owning actual gold (I guess no-one told Prince that when he stockpiled gold bars), but what are your thoughts on gold mining stocks ABX GDX or gold ETFs like GLD? I am not sure ruling out gold ownership because it doesn't pay interest nor provide dividends is the best argument against owning it. Perhaps its just not a practical investment to own, buy or sell. One thing's for sure, nothing compares to the undeniably good feeling one can get when you can touch and feel a gold bar. You just don't get that with a stock or ETF, do you?

Despite Privacy Issues, Here's Why I Still Like Facebook
7 years ago

Great article, thanks!

Facebook is a great stock to own because it is a company that is expanding at such a fast rate with virtually no other competitors doing what they do so well.

As long as FB continues to grow in exponentially in users and re-injects cash by investing in buying out smaller companies that complement its own technologies, there will be no stopping the stock.

Currently FB is forecasted to grow at a cracking 45% in the current quarter! I might be wrong but it seems it has $0 debt and total cash of almost $30 bn as of the last 2016 income statement. Perhaps what to look out for next is a stock split? Failing any major privacy or moral mishaps, the stock should continue to grow.

If you have a teenage kid, chances are he or she is spending a majority of their time on FB when using a smartphone. For better or worse.

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Profit On Genworth Deal Uncertainty
7 years ago

Buying any investment based on a potential buyout is extremely risky. Perhaps one option is to track the pre-market buying activity as a sign of an imminent buyout event. Keeping a eye out for huge volume shifts in pre or post market for a stock is a method some use to see the direction of the stock prior to market opening.

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Oil Prices Running Out Of Reasons To Rally
7 years ago

Historically sub $50 oil has not been a friend for the Saudis and this was a short-lived scenario but one which will not be tolerated in the long run. The operating cost for shale will remain low and competitive, but I don't believe we will have a real standoff between the US oil production and the Saudis. I do foresee increased price gains as long as OPEC continues to limit production.

Rayno Biopharma Portfolio Update
7 years ago

Of late, Biogen has been struggling with legal battles but currently analyst opinions seem upbeat. Biogen has a 1.53 consensus rating based on 14 ratings assumed by the advisors. The highest estimate of the 14 analysts has a $380 target price while the lowest estimate is $265. For this year, consensus EPS target is $20.96.

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Where To Look As The Lithium Boom Unfolds In 2017 (Sponsored Post)
7 years ago

Two thoughts: its true that any scarce commodity will increase in price the higher the demand gets for that commodity (bullish argument for lithium mining stocks) BUT lithium is only a small component of Tesla's lithium ion battery, and with increasing giga factories comes greater economies of scale and therefore cheaper production costs to produce said car batteries. For this reason, I question whether lithium stocks will directly benefit from Tesla's expansion. Interesting to see how things play out though.

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Is This The Best Way To Profit From The Electric Car Boom? (SPONSORED POST)
7 years ago

The opposing view would suggest that as more electric cars are produced, economies of scale will enable cost savings in the production of electric car batteries leading to lower costs to the consumer. This might lead to lithium prices to also come down. Also, lithium is only a small component of an entire lithium ion car battery. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University did a study that manipulated the price of lithium carbonate (raw lithium ore), using a base price of $7.50/kg. Starting at a price of $0 and increasing it to $25/kg (an increase of 233%) only changed the cost of batteries by less than 10%. So I am skeptical of a Tesla/lithium stock correlation and the argument for investing in lithium stocks based on Tesla's growth is not definitive in my opinion.

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Dropping Prices Bodes Well For Waymo's Driverless Car Technology
7 years ago

This is a truly a very exciting time in the auto industry. The tech is there thanks to Google and Tesla but is the world ready for the challenges? Road laws have to be rewritten to adapt to the new world of driverless car. One area of particular concern is the issue of liability. In the event of a driverless car crash, the question of who is responsible comes to the forefront. Is it the driver? The car-maker? The US is possibly the most litigious society on earth, and these issues remain major concerns for Google and the consumer.

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