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Decisions: Life And Death On Wall Street By Janet M. Tavakoli: My Review
7 years ago

This article by Nomi Prins is highly commendable, as it reveals the real picture of what led to the world's worst ever financial crisis ( sub-prime mortgage) in USA in 2008. Those who are responsible for managing global political, social & economic systems should take lessons from this and do good for the mankind, else the crooks and the dishonest rich will continue to flourish at the cost of the honest, hardworking common people of this world. The world leaders under whose nose, these inhuman and wanton manuvoring in the global financial system continue will never be pardoned by posterity.

In this article: DB, C, GS
The Global Liquidity Squeeze Has Begun
7 years ago

I congratulate the author for explaining to non-finance professionals, the likely implication of debt spiral in which the world economy has got trapped. It seems this grave situation will result in a much deeper depression than that resultant to the sub-prime crisis of 2008. This article should work as eye opener to the world leaders across developed (US, EU, China) as well as emerging economies so that they formulate appropriate policies, implement them and thus avert another bigger financial crisis in a span of 8 years. Else the low and the middle class across the world, irrespective of the nationalities will have to bear its pain.

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