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Wearable Devices Market Makes Himax Technologies A Good Value
7 years ago

Reasonable summary of HIMX. Biggest problem is that the company has signed NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements) with many of its customers which means they are not able to discuss progress or timing of many Tier 1 and Tier 2 company collaborations. This is mostly why the company is undervalued as no one knows the extent or timing of new product orders. But, for those who can 'connect the dots', there is much to be excited about. Perhaps the most tangible is that HIMX just had a job fair to hire 100 production workers for their inhouse LCOS factory meaning orders are coming. Besides the LCOS displays, HIMX also has timing controllers, gesture/touch controllers and even a HPU or Holographic Processing Unit with several of these supposedly in the Microsoft HoloLens HMD product. In fact, HIMX's timing controller was credited with great reducing the display delay which was causing nausia for Occulus Rift users. HIMX has a thriving business and then new products just as WLO's (Wafer Level Optics), Camera Arrays, TDDI's (Touch Display Interfaces), CMOS, Large/Small Panel drivers, etc., etc. Go the HIMX website and view their Investor's Presentation.....where you can see the Microsoft HoloLens HMD further enforcing the rumor that HIMX is supplying much of the hardware components (not just the display).

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