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Hennie Thompson

Managing Director, Paarlberg Consulting

I am a go getter that are hands on and easy to spot mistakes.
Strong Leader and team player that have the ability to lead and control any amount of staff and Management.
Rely on my knowledge to train and control and situation from small to large.
Strong motivator that can ... more

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Why The Price Of Oil Is More Likely To Fall To 20 Rather Than Rise To 80
7 years ago

If you follow the trend you will notice that the worlds fuel and gas prices are way down, accept in South Africa, the add levy's to insure the fuel price remain a problem, many years ago they added levy's to subsidize the build of Sasol than Natref then PetroSA, and today that levy's subsidize from roads, to RAF to you know what, when are we the consumer going to reap benefits and the many years of levy's?

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