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2015 May Be Worst Recovery Year; Revise Your Rate Hike Expectations
5 years ago

I fine it incredible that with the US economy now normalized by many metrics, there are people that are still arguing against a modest rate rise, when rates are at emergency levels, years beyond when necessary. The US will not go into recession as a result of.25% rate increase, indeed quite the reverse as people who have been postponing purchases will then make them, before rates increase further and so consumer purchases will flourish As for a bear market,there will likely be a temporary re-pricing on the first increase and quite right too given central banks role in the height of the market today. This however will then allow markets to recover over the next few months and through 2016-17, with the odd pause after further rate increases.

The Six Biggest Mistakes Investors Make
5 years ago

A reasonable amount of good advice on offer above. But at times of great risk ( when reaching new highs and the fed in tightening mode) I would suggest a 50long/50short strategy. You won't make anything nor lose anything either.

10 Tips To Save Money Like Warren Buffett
5 years ago

While you'd expect good advice from this modest expert, neither is it rocket science e.g don't incur debt you can't pay off or don't splash out on unnecessary new toys! I wonder if he's told this to the UK Treasury pension liberation authorities? Of more value is, don't sign off on a deal until you've considered the worst scenario and wait for the best offer.

Mr Buffet's previously stellar record has looked somewhat tarnished after some dud buys like Tesco, Kraft and Oil majors, so no longer is he the Sage of Ohama. But he's still worth listening to.

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