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CEDEX – The Diamond Trading Cryptocurrency

Date: Friday, December 1, 2017 7:07 PM EDT

Everything we have known about the diamond is nothing compared to what CEDEX is about to do with it on its diamond trading platform. For all we know, it could be the beginning of starting something new. Free from the cloak that diamond buyers and sellers have been used to for a long time.


The Game Changers


Thankfully with the help of Blockchain, smart contract and DEX, the full impact of CEDEX diamond trading platform is about to hit the ground running as quickly as possible.


Blockchain technology is incorporated in this platform because of the transparency of transactions done on it, which both buyers and sellers can authenticate. The platform also allows the trade to be free from manipulation especially on the diamond trading platform. Also because it will enable diamonds transacted on the platform to be used as a hedge fund against certain risk investors are not open to deal with at the moment.


Smart contracts exist because of terms and conditions which buyers and sellers have to meet before transactions are completed and payments made. These contracts as adequately pointed out, and can only come into force or squashed as soon as pre-existing conditions are met or not. It is definitive and essential to adhere to them.


DEX is a diamond evaluation platform that measures diamond from its weight and the number of carats it carries. With the ambiguity of scales and standards used in measuring diamond, DEX is creating a level playing field for both buyers and sellers of the diamond. It will incorporate all types of diamond that would otherwise have been sold on the black market for a lesser value.


The Impact of What CEDEX Is Trying To Accomplish

The financial market has been run for such a long time, but one recurrent problem always has been its liquidity ratio. With the help CEDEX diamond trading platform, this will all be in the past. New ICOs will be infused into the platform, and enough capital will be placed on them to take off.


The problem of middlemen is quickly extinguished because CEDEX has made it possible for people who know next to nothing about diamonds and how it is traded to part and parcel of its evolution. A measurement which has always been a debatable issue that has allowed diamonds not to be traded like other precious metals is also removed from the equation thanks to DEX.


The Downside of Not Investing In CEDEX ICO

The level of awareness shown towards the overall capture of the diamond market is enough to make any goose lay eggs but not seizing such an opportunity will only go to show what investors are really looking at in this new emerging market.


  1. The use of blockchain technology for new ICOs looking to break into the market with a different product but with one platform powering it.
  2. The acceptance of crypto currency as a major force to be reckoned with in the financial market because of its growth ratio.
  3. A level playing field for every investor investing in a new startup unlike what is obtained in traditional trading markets.


In whichever way we look at it, there are more gains why of the pioneering spirit CEDEX will champion a massive adoption of its diamond trading platform.

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