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Carmine Gorga is president of The Somist Institute and a former Fulbright Scholar. He has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals and five books; other publications are at various stages of preparation. He has a substantial presence on the ...more

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Public Service Through Concordian Economics
Concordian economics shows that responsibilities create rights. Thus the exercise of Rs&Rs creates concord and, potentially, peace.
Project Financial Independence
The pandemic offers the opportunity to create financial independence for us and our children, without the contribution of one cent from the affluent.
From 4 Rights To 4 Economic Policies
Each and every product of our agricultural, industrial, or commercial activity is a result of the amalgamation of these four economic rights.
We Must Redirect Our National Credit
Two tasks are urgent today: We must cancel all debt in a systematic way, we must redirect our national credit from Wall Street to Main Street.
Let Us Not Pervert Keynes’ Thought
With some modifications, we might shortly be able to create a Bancor regimen largely the way Keynes conceived it.
It Is 1% Capitalism That Is The Problem
Economic inequality is the central economic problem. Even economists know that. But they search for the causes of inequality everywhere but in the economy.
Two Crucial Issues In Foreign Trade
The topic of foreign trade remains somewhat foggy until two crucial issues are brought to the fore: hoarding and ownership of wealth.
Cash-Back: A Silver Lining
Cash-back programs are multiplying fast. They might provide much needed cash in a crash. Grocery stores and department stores will be happy to accept corporate checks as money.
Fish Stocks And Our Balance Of Payments
The total value of edible and non-edible fishery imports in the United States was $35.8 billion in 2016. The total value of edible and non-edible exports was $21.3 billion.
Let Us Not Lose Our Country To Politics
We face a deep divide: some are against the Market; others are against the Government. Politics, as practiced today, does not help us solve real economic problems.
Why Wall Street Ought To Favor A Gradual Decline In The Cost Of Land
A reduction of the cost of the land, which will benefit the economy at large, can be achieved through the implementation of four economic rights and responsibilities unearthed by Concordian economic policies.
Why Countries Shouldn't Sell Their Natural Resources To Foreigners
This paper outlines some of the financial conditions that will allow Cuba, USA, and Africa - and eventually all nations of the world - to preserve the ownership of their natural resources and to develop them themselves.
What To Do If The Stock Market Crashes?
If three strict rules are added to its operations, the Fed can observe any future Stock Market crash with poise and equanimity. There is no need to revive the behemoths of finance through infusion of taxpayers' money or bank depositors' funds.
Three Trillion Worth Of Zeros
Where is the real wealth created since the November election? Quite apart from the issue of its concentration into relatively few hands, what is the value of the real wealth created by the stock market?
It Is The Economics, O America
The country is ready to be unified. It is a faulty economic theory that is keeping us apart. It is a faulty economic policy that is tearing the country asunder.
Mr. President, We Have Work To Do
There are many serious economic issues facing our country. We are not facing them. The country cannot afford to tolerate this neglect much longer.
1 to 16 of 19 Posts