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Hanergy: Let There Be No Doubt
4 years ago

I agree with Wendell Brown - I am skeptical and cynical about your "knowledge", but thanks for a (possible) explanation on the drop...although you could have omitted the implied reference that you could have used this information to make a ton of money shorting this supposed shell of a company. More credible to just report the facts, disclose you had no positions, move on with life and let readers form their own opinions. The Hong Kong authorities claim they are investigating a single investor/investment vehicle that caused the meteoric rise early March that (possibly) correlates with the insane drop this week...I'm not touching the company either way - short or long - but it is the equivalent of entertainment news for me as an investor. :) Unrelated note - anyone curious why steel is remaining so cheap even after the oversupply of the past year has dried up, demand has slowly recovered, and inventories are starting to drop off their peak? Is there a new building material that is replacing steel I'm not aware of? At the current prices, many smaller and high-cost factories/companies are going to go bankrupt as they are literally selling below cost to keep cashflow positive...when the big Chinese steel firms are in danger with their razor-thin margins, you know steel has to rebound. Just a thought. No wild tips or ticker symbols, I'll let you conduct your own research.

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