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Candlestick Patterns 101: Meeting Lines (Bullish)
1 month ago

馃崗  …Ahhhh, well done deep thinker.  Very nice analysis.  In agreement.  Cheers.

Infosys - Time For Another Look
1 month ago

Good read, thanks.

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Gold Rises On Soft Dollar, Gains Capped By Surging Yields
1 month ago

“Capped by rising yields?” There is always “something”. Rising yields and rates didnt matter in 2007/2008.

A Couple Of Comments
1 month ago

All this talk of doctors who are refusing to take the vaccine isn't even true.  Over 96% percent of doctors were vaccinated back in June.  And that was even BEFORE it had full FDA approval.  Chances are that's much higher now. 

The number of people who are actually still unvaccinated are a tiny percentage.  Most aren't even doctors, they are support staff like nursing home aids. These are people without medical degrees and we all saw first hand how poorly nursing homes faired during the pandemic.

Blinken On MSNBC
4 months ago

No, I am not. I will check it out. But I doubt Blinken is familiar as well. Is there a reason you thought he would be?

Blinken On MSNBC
4 months ago

What is Globanomics? I never heard of it. Is that a term you coined? Why would Blinken mention it if people aren't familiar with it?

3 Stocks To Buy In Case Of A Market Crash In 2021
10 months ago

Good read, thanks.

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Options Trading Strategies: Looking At Nano-X Imaging
11 months ago

Thank you for taking the time to explain the strategy, which as far as I could follow is all about lowering Options risk through DCA. Strikes me as smart, but takes an eagle eye on the market and some luck with the


COVID Vaccines And The Stock Market
1 year ago

I read that Pfizer claims immunity will last 1 year if a person takes 2 doses. I didn't catch what Moderna had to say about their vaccine Anyone know?

Regardless, both are likely better than the approximate 2 months of immunity the WHO said people currently get naturally when they recover from the disease.

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