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Susan Johnson is a passionate reader and traveler. Susan dedicates her free time helping students with their academic difficulties, provides useful advice at the Pro-Papers blog.

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Nikola Stock Price Analysis: NKLA Could Plunge By 62% Soon
6 months ago

Old news mate old news already priced in Bullish

In this article: NKLA
Our Very Fractured Country
8 months ago

If everyone but you a few other nut jobs realize that Trump is a criminal, maybe you are the problem and not everyone else.  

2022 Was Really Weird
1 year ago

It most certainly was!

Just How Screwed Up Obama's Thinking Is Or Was
3 years ago

I don't think much politics gets published here. It's just too polarizing and too many of the authors are biased one way or the other. It's also doesn't have much to do with investing and this is an investing site. Why not send it to one of the many politics sites. Seems like there are more and more of those every day.

Nothing Is So Wrong That It Cannot Be Fixed-Globanomics
3 years ago

Many people have no interest in paying for content. That's why people like me go to free sites. And why I just quit Seeking Alpha since they starting charging for access. Meanwhile publishing companies are going bankrupt right and left. It's really not that easy to make money in the media world. Create a blog and try to charge for access or make money on ads, and you'll see what I mean.

Nothing Is So Wrong That It Cannot Be Fixed-Globanomics
3 years ago

Why so surprised? I work in the industry and can tell you that advertising rates have plummeted over the last few years. A lot of sites like Seeking Alpha dumped them completely. I'd say this site would be lucky if they pulled in $1k to $5k per month from ads, and the cost to simply host the site is likely more than that.

Tuesday Talk: More Market Stimulation
3 years ago

Enjoyed the piece by @[Jim Boswell](user:38046), thanks for sharing the link.

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