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Are You Really Being ‘Gouged’ At The Pump?
10 months ago

      I just have to comment on the last sentence of the entire article.  So your saying that, and I quote, "Retail Gasoline prices don't react instantaneously to spot oil prices, So you shouldn't expect prices to tumble just because spot oil prices do." End quote.

     Ok, so it is accurate to say that, Retail Gasoline prices should not react Instantaneously to, spot oil price spikes.  Then how do you explain the price of retail gasoline spiking 0.10 to 0.30 and higher, overnight, beginning literally, on February 25th, 2022??  I guess we will chauk it up to coincidence, since one may tend to think that, "Hmm, that oil refinery and delivery service sure is fast. That Gasoline that is in the ground at my local gas station, must have been delivered last night since it is so expensive now. 

     Nope!! It's never price gouging. Those nice folks down at the local pump wouldn't do that to us, especially in these tough economic times.  I call BS!!!  That is all.... Carry on....

Here’s Why The Stock Market May Fall By As Much As 5%
3 years ago

I'm not the brightest bulb on the chandelier, but i have my concerns. Although i see significant validity in your assumptions, theory, and conclusion based on your parameters, using from 2011 to present, but strictly from a technical standpoint. Would it not make sense to research what the economy was showing, and where it was headed from a sentiment, as well as a monetary standpoint both domestically and globally?

Were there any trade tensions, or global unrest due to the events like last weekend with Iran? I cannot lump President Trump in with these factors because although there is significant (all over the globe) unrest with his behavior and decision making style from a political stance, He has created upward trend in the markets however volatile they have become.

What if you went back further to validate your conclusions? certainly there were other spans where the 50d and 200d ma's of those percentages of companies were similar. That would bring greater strength to your opinion of the market moves of the near future. I dunno, jus sayn.. Orrr just put it all on 13 Black!

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