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If You Listen Carefully, The Bankers Are Actually Telling Us What Is Going To Happen Next
4 years ago

2008 Headlines news: "A barrel of oil hits 140 USD as the demand of oil is much higher as supply and oil supplier are not capable to keep up with getting the oil out of the ground. Nobody knows how high the price can go, but some are guessing 200 USD/barrel is not out of question" 2010-12 Headlines: " Chrysler and GM in big trouble as automakers are struggling selling car due to prices of oil. It seems like SUV and trucks are getting the biggest hit. City of Detroit is getting hit financially, unemployment is thru the roof and Detroit becomes a ghost town" 2015 headlines: " Predictions are for oil to go as low as $20/barrel as supply is much higher than demand and there is a glut in oil reserves" Meanwhile we paid 7 years high prices for gas which in reality should have been somewhere at 50 cents/liter, many companies went to bankrupt, city of Detroit went broke and few very wealthy people got filthy rich again. That my friends I call market manipulation, public manipulation and greediness at its best.

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