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Founder and President of Wealthpire Inc., A Financial Publishing Company
I am the founder and president of Wealthpire Inc., a financial publishing company. I am also a top author at Seeking Alpha. View my Seeking Alpha profile here.


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Here Are 6 Rules For Investing Like Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett is unquestionably the greatest investor who has ever lived. He possesses an uncanny ability to choose incredible investments that explode in value over time. This ability has earned him a place as the second wealthiest man alive today.
15 Of The World’s Most Hated Stocks
When one hates a stock, this hate is shown by short selling it. Trying to make a profit from the company’s misfortunes. That’s the funny thing about stocks. Investors can profit from stocks they love and from stocks they hate.
The Key To Exploiting Almost Every Market On Earth
Imagine being able to trade any financial instrument on earth. Think how easily you could access strongly trending global markets…without…being limited to U.S. stocks and bonds.
These Stocks Fool Traders 50% Of The Time
Due to the nature of the stock market, there is no way to completely eliminate head fakes when trading simple moving average break outs. With that said, I discovered a simple way to reduce the number of head fakes.
19th Century “X-Ray” Tool Predicts Market Direction
Imagine using an X-Ray machine on the stock market. Like a medical doctor, imagine peering inside price action to tell what will happen next.
Trading “Stuck” Stocks For Quick Profits
Volatility is the lifeblood of the active stock trader. Without short term volatility, it’s difficult to extract fast profits from the market. But volatility by its very nature is unpredictable.
Technical Analysis With VWAP
Technical analysis of stock charts has come a long, long way since the days of W.D.Gann and the other historic chartists.
Shorting Stocks With The Break Down Strategy
Breakdown trading is the opposite of breakout trading. It is a tactic used to profit from shorting stocks
This Old Fashion Option Trading Strategy Still Works
Options are becoming more and more popular among investors. The recent spike in volatility combined with stocks hitting all time high after all time high has reignited interest in the derivative markets.
Little Money, No Time? Here’s How To Dividend Profit Anyway
ETFs are built from portfolios of dividend paying stocks. They are perfect vehicles for those just starting out in dividend investing, as well as, those investor seeking a core stock to build a personal portfolio around.
A Short Selling System You Need To Know
Many traders forget that a trade can be on the long side or the short side. During periods like the one we are in know, most traders only trade on the long side and forget about the potential on the short side.
Here Are 7 Guidelines For Choosing Value Stocks
Every investing strategy has its code of conduct or guidelines. Value investing is no different. Here are seven rules for value investing success.
Option Strategies: Long Strangles
The wide variety of option trading strategies is what makes options trading so incredibly powerful.
Volatility And Volume: Understanding Stock Charts
Understanding the difference between volatility, volume, and liquidity is a key to understanding technical indicators. Prior to understanding stock charts, investors need to grasp the differences between these three stock market indicators.
Do You Understand Yield?
The most basic concepts such as yield are often not correctly understood by even successful income investors.
Intramarket Relationships That Work
The most common of these intramarket relationships for the stock market is the stock index futures relationship to individual stocks.
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