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SGS Key Charts, Signals, & Analysis - Saturday, February 24
8 days ago

Nothing is better than gold during these dangerous and uncertain times.

17 days ago

Putin eliminates anyone who is a threat to his power.

The Commodities Feed: Gold Breaks Below $2,000
19 days ago

Nope. Its not under 2k. Bullish on #gold.

Why Gold And Silver Reacted To The Fed Like They Did
1 month ago

Enjoyed the video, thanks.

Gold Is Now Definitely An Impulse Buy
2 months ago

A great move by #Costco, now they need to add Pt to make it complete.

In this article: COST, GLD
Gold And Silver Fractals Suggest Enormous Price Targets Ahead
3 months ago

Those are AMAZING numbers & nice chart examples. Thanks for sharing. Bullish

Golden Investment Opportunity For Golden Heaven?
4 months ago

Me too.

In this article: GDHG
Oil Price Amid Israel - Palestine Conflict
4 months ago

I don't recall a more volatile time. Definitely invest in gold - the ultimate safe haven asset.

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