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Karthik Reddy, Community Manager at Bitcoinplay.net, is the author of India’s Number 1 travel blog. Having an MBA in computer science he once decided to get away from the office desk life and take the breathtaking journey of traveling the world. He is eager to use the sociability of the ... more


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What To Consider Before Choosing How Much You Need To Retire
Planning for retirement can be really intimidating. There are so many different retirement plans and variables to think about that can influence your lifestyle after you retire.
Reasons Why Smart Homes Are Becoming More Popular
Smart homes are the next big thing. You may not realize it yet, but somewhere your day will be easier because of it. Smart home technology is not only impacting the houses its installed into. Its reach stretches to other industries like business, science and even health care.
Bitcoin Bottoming Out Again
Interested in knowing about BITCOIN? Then you are at right place, my article provides vivid information about Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in detail.
Five Things To Consider Before Investing In ICO
ICO roundups Infographic
An Introduction To ICO Roundups
An Introduction To ICO Roundups
Is Bitcoin A Good Investment?
Considering the recent upheavals in the cryptocurrency market, is it still possible to make money from there? Should you be looking elsewhere to make your fortune? Is it safe to put money into Bitcoin or any of the other cryptocurrencies out there?
Why You Should Invest In Bitcoin To Hedge Your Portfolio
The worth of Bitcoin is significantly grown over the last few months and continues to grow over 7000$ now. I did some research with my team on the current investment potential and strategies.
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