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The IPO Market Has Taken The Baton From Large Cap Tech And Is Running Like Crazy
With the economy doing well and stocks having rebounded from their Q4 2018 swoon, there are going to be pockets of strength in the market regardless. For a while it was cannabis stocks but now it appears to be the IPO market.
Why Tech Is Likely To Withstand Antitrust Inquiries
Mega cap technology companies are now facing heat as the federal government considers antitrust action, worrying investors. But let's take a look at how similar fears played out when similar action was taken against Microsoft’s back in 2001.
Coca-Cola Bottling Shares Surge 130% After Name Change: Could FinTech Be To Blame?
Having a computer decide your asset allocation could be problematic long term, but it turns out that even someone trying to buy Coca-Cola stock might get into trouble if they don’t do their homework.
Not Enough U.S. Cash Burning IPOs For You? Here Comes China’s Luckin Coffee
Just as U.S. investors are trying to make sense of the Uber and Lyft IPOs, both disastrous for those buying at the offer prices, on Friday we will get a U.S. listing of Chinese-operated, Cayman Island-incorporated coffee upstart Luckin Coffee.
Gaming Update: Wynn Set For Boston Opening And Why Penn Looks Dirt Cheap
Shares of WYNN have continued in seesaw fashion, as the Massachusetts Gaming authorities held hearings to determine if it would allow the company to keep its gaming license in the state and open its Encore Boston Harbor property this summer.
Why I Am Selling Apple In The 180’s
At current price, Apple fetches about 16x times current year earnings estimates, versus the S&P 500 at 17x. That valuation is high on a relative basis historically, and the company’s future growth prospects look more muted than in prior years.
What A Difference A Decade Makes
There is a lot of talk about the trailing 10-year returns of the S&P 500 index and what, if anything, they tell us about the duration of the current equity bull market.
Chipotle Valuation Surging To Dizzying Heights
At more than $600 per share, CMG’s forward price-earnings ratio is a stunning 50x.
Signs Of Topping In The Consumer Credit Cycle
The business cycle is alive and well and consumer lending has reached the point where prime borrowers have reached a level of debt they are happy with and lenders are now stretching a bit to grow.
My Recent Target Experience And How The Chase For E-Commerce Market Share Is Killing Retailer Margins
Some of the hybrid online/in-store business models don’t seem very well thought out, and surely won’t benefit shareholders much in the long run.
U.S. Stock Market Seems Like An Obvious Buy For First Time In A Long Time
With the S&P 500 index now down roughly 18% from its peak reached about three month ago, for the first time in years it appears the U.S. stock market is severely oversold and pricing in worse than likely economic conditions.
Johnson & Johnson Stock Not Discounted Much After Renewed Talc Media Blitz
Whenever news like this hits, especially with large dominant franchises with plenty of free cash flow to cover possible legal verdicts, it pays to see if investors are getting a short-term bargain.
With The Elevated Valuation Issue Solved, 2019 Earnings Growth Takes Center Stage
With S&P 500 profits set to come in around $157 for 2018, the trailing P/E ratio for the broad market index has fallen from 21.5x on January 1st of this year to 16.5x today.
Facebook Sell-Off Hard To Ignore From A Contrarian Perspective
Shares of Facebook are dropping below $130 today as the high-flying tech sector continues a sharp correction in the market.
The Dizzying Ride That Is Wynn Resorts Stock Is Not Slowing Down
What happens when near-term stock valuations are based mostly on near-term financial results is that prices and investor reactions overshoot in both directions.
IBM: Damned If You Don’t, Damned If You Do
For years investors have been clamoring for IBM to transform their business via acquisition, as tech infrastructure moves to the cloud and away from IBM’s legacy businesses.
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