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14 Signs That Most Americans Are Flat Broke And Totally Unprepared For The Coming Economic Crisis
7 years ago

Our current economic stability is based on fake data, manipulated to look stable.

We produce things, only to shelf it mostly into stock, but it isnt selling.

We continue to lose jobs overseas, and lay off good jobs, only to create low paying, low benefit jobs to replace them. If they get replaced.

Job numbers are fudged. We have less and less jobs every day. No one can live on the poor paying jobs that trickle in to replace good paying jobs with benefits.

Our large banks are investing in debts, not building infrastructure, and expansion.

Investing in expansion pays about 7%, while debt investment has a 25% return.

Buying debt, chokes up the cash flow, until the taxpayer and reserve bail it out.

Investing in growth creates cash flows. We allow banks to choke up the cash flow till there is no flow.

We have no cash flow, nothing to borrow, no one able to borrow, and a stagnant market building up stocks of unsold products. MORE layoffs are a guarantee.

With sequester provisions in place. We will not fair to well in the next step down phase of the reverse engineering for our economy. The 7 year cycle is at 7 years....time for another step backwards. This one is going to really hurt, as it domino effects around the globe.

Countries have no more slack. The Dollar is already being traded away.

Either the UD federal reserve will collapse, or it will have to print money even fatser, and devaluate it to peso values. The dollar will be dumped at large. The reserve crash will come anyways....

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