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Gold Defies Hawkish Fed
1 year ago

Great analysis. Thanks for sharing

Gold/Gold Miners Fundamental Checkup
1 year ago

I was thinking the same.  $DRD's earnings the last 3 years has been super,  they've been in business a very very long time. Yahoo did a good piece on them not that long ago

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Head And Shoulder Pattern Alert: Russell 2000 (IWM)
3 years ago

When is the timing of this in your mind?

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Silver-ETF Selling Mounting
3 years ago

Thanks, enjoyed this.

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What’s Going On With The US Mint?
3 years ago

Interesting theory on fort knox. Is there any reason why the government wouldn't want it audited other than the gold not being there? And if it isn't there, where did it go?

Is This A Reason To Be Bearish On Gold?
4 years ago

You are essentially just saying "job less claims were up so gold is a bad investment." How about a bit more meat next time?

T-Mobile Investors Likely To Win Regardless Of Sprint Outcome, Says Nomura
4 years ago

So either way $T is a win? Sounds good to me.

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Gold & Silver Price Manipulation In 2020 And Beyond
4 years ago

Really enjoy your videos.

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