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Danielle has been in the field of Strategic Development since 1997. Previously specializing in the non-profit sector, Danielle brings her wealth of knowledge in strategic planning, resource development and project management to TalkMarkets. Danielle holds a ... more

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The North Korea Quagmire: Part 1, A Contest Of Colonialism And Communism
4 years ago

@[Roger Keats](user:10012), you would enjoy this article.

Starbucks And The F-Word
8 years ago
Loved it!
In this article: SBUX
A “Black Day” For Walmart – Website Glitches Causes Havoc And Major Losses
9 years ago
I've read that stores like Walmart can make as much as 80% of their year long revenues during the holiday season. Can Walmart really recover from such a debacle? Seems to me that they lost millions before the holiday season even managed to kick off. I see now all these items are sold out both in store and online so they can't even sell more if they wanted to.
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Ignore Noise On China, Fed
9 years ago
Cha-Ching! Microsoft Pays Users To Search With Bing
9 years ago
Nice work! I'm ready to give Bing a try!
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Could Britain Go Bust?
9 years ago
Great piece, thanks.
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