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Planning Advice From Nobel Laureate Kenneth Arrow
2 years ago

Thank you Kendall for the very interesting food for thought. Advances in tech have indeed significantly improved efficiency and time required to complete a number crunch. However, information still needs to be parsed appropriately.

Sound Valuation - More Important Than Time In The Market? SBUX, CPB, FDS
2 years ago

A bit of a typo in the conclusion "In closing, it doesn’t make sense to me to take a high risk for low a reward." Overall excellent piece otherwise. Thank you Chuck for sharing your valuation philosophies.

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Comparing A Few Popular Gold Plays This Year, The Past Two Years, And In The 2016 Gold Rally
2 years ago

"There are other things to consider of course, including security, fees, storage, the purpose of the asset in your portfolio, and the time horizon for which you are holding it."

Very good points Jesse. I do not like GLD for some of these reasons in addition to others. I always found GLD's structure to be a bit strange. They so famously claim that they are 100% backed but obstinately refuse to give investors access to any of the 'claimed' gold. Why? There are many profitable gold selling businesses in the world. GLD could charge exorbitant fees for delivery of said gold but they don't for some strange reason. It is like saying no to free money.

Stocks? Throw The Book At Them!
2 years ago

Gary, thank you for this well written piece. The part on real estate weakness was on point and is likely one of the more definitive indicators of issues to come.

The Neatest Idea Ever For Reducing The Fed’s Balance Sheet
2 years ago

Michael, thank you for this very insightful read into inflation and your clever strategy with TIPS.

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Forks In The Road
2 years ago

"GLD, the most popular vehicle utilized to “invest” in gold"

I was never a fan of this paper gold fund. This is a fund promising "oh yea, we're backed by 700+ tons of gold for sure!" but then flips around denying you the rights to any of it. No real options to even verify a single 'bullion'. There are many other red flags attached to GLD's holdings too.

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Stocks Stagger On Tax Turmoil As Junk Debt Dumps To New 8-Month Lows
3 years ago

There have indeed been some signs of weakness but we'll have to wait a bit longer to see whether or not this trend sustains.

Precious Metals: Patience Is Golden
3 years ago

"The SPDR (GLD-NYSE) fund gold holdings currently sit at about 843 tonnes." I've long distrusted the holding reports of GLD as there are no real ways to verify any of it. Are you able to provide any verifiable evidence to substantiate these numbers outside of GLD's questionable holding reports? This gold fund has a number of red flags (ZJ6752 bar, subcustodial audit loophole, access to gold, and more) that I can expand upon if necessary.

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Wells Fargo Says Buy Coca-Cola Ahead Of Investor Day
3 years ago

Very insightful, thanks for this piece.

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