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Servicing, Defaults Dominate CREFC Discussion
8 months ago

Good read,  thanks.

USD Shrugs Off Ugly GDP Data
1 year ago

They are manipulating the #gold price to hurt the Russian's and their Ruble gold standard. Problem is they are collapsing everyone else's fiat currency in the process!

10 Clean Energy Stocks For November, 2021: Notes On MiX, Green Plains, And Enviva
2 years ago

Great read. Thanks for sharing.

In this article: MIXT, EVA, GPP
Daily Stock Analysis: BCE Inc. (BCE)
2 years ago

Thanks Fredrik Arnold. $BCE is looking good!

In this article: BCE
Dogecoin Creator Reflects On Why He Put Money In His Savings Account And Not DOGE
2 years ago

He may have played a part in creating it but a group of individuals maintained it.

In this article: KBE, DOGE-X
Is Blackberry A Top Canadian Stock To Buy Now?
3 years ago

$BB has done a good job of reinventing itself.

In this article: BB
The Great Economic Leap Forward Experiment
3 years ago

Great read, highly recommended.

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