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Why I Am Never Going To Own A Home Again
7 years ago

We got married in our late twenties like we were supposed to, bought a house to populate with kids like we were supposed to, incurred too high property taxes like we were supposed to, but the salaries didn't rise like they were supposed to and no children to speak of. Fast forward 10 years and I'm at that same place in mind. I'll probably never buy a home again. The supposed tos turned into shouldn't haves which led to unemployment, divorce, foreclosure and me relocating to a more affordable state to begin rebuilding my life. And home ownership is definitely not on that list, unless I purchase a multi-family property in the future, but the odds seem against it at this point. I'm enjoying renting an apartment in a college town that offers variable rental terms. So, if I want to live in another part of town, 90 days and I'm there. So without my trusty crystal ball to reference, I really don't see owning a home again in my future. But I am considering owning property for my business.

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