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Gold Prices Could Drop To Around $1,270
2 years ago

Agreed, too risky until the election is over.

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Finally, The US Is Busting Israeli Banks
4 years ago

Wow, I am shocked to read this.

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The Most Important Article You’ll Ever Read On Investing
4 years ago

Sounds like a wise strategy. Any other tips?

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Betting On Putin's Russia
4 years ago

He wasn't talking to you Robin, he was talking to Aaliya MD who said American would be better off with Putin as President.

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Betting On Putin's Russia
4 years ago

I don't believe mass media says Russians are all bad (at least not since the cold war ended), but it does portray the Russian leadership as far from ideal. Which I think is a fair portrayal.

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Greek Negotiations And Philosophical Questions
4 years ago

I couldn't have put it better myself.

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Ayelet Wolf Commented on The Big Mac Index: Burgers As A Benchmark For Trading:

I remember reading at some point that the prices on McDonald's menu can vary greatly across the US, depending on how much a particular community could afford.

Ayelet Wolf Commented on Nxt-ID Gets A New Lease On Life:

Thanks. So if I'm reading between the lines here, it sounds to me, this delisting could actually be a huge opportunity. It may scare off the lay investor while there is tremendous upside for growth and pr...

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