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3 Short Squeeze Candidates In The Health Care Sector
1 month ago

I think $THMO has the highest potential.

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How Viridian Sciences Fits In Akerna’s Business Model
1 month ago

Good read, thanks.

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Precious Metals Report For Monday, Mar. 15
3 months ago

Ouch, why not just ask? Say, hey, Ira Epstein what do you think about the future of #gold?

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It's Good To Be A Guinea Pig
3 months ago

No one is saying to hide side effects. When you get the vaccine, they warn you about various side effects. The problem is that there are people trying to discourage others from getting the vaccine by making up stories. Like claiming that some people who are very much alive, died from the vaccine.

It's Good To Be A Guinea Pig
3 months ago

Agreed. I don't understand why some people take some sort of sick pleasure in trying to put others' lives at risks by spreading lies about Covid health treatments.

Trump Begins His Triumphant Return To The White House
3 months ago

You say "The GOP is dead without Trump. It appeals to no one." So the GOP received no votes in previous elections? Seems to me they did just find before Trump. All Trump managed to do was swell their ranks with extremists, militia group, the KKK, and conspiracy nuts.

Wall Street Wins Again As GameStop Becomes Game Over
4 months ago

The problem is the trapped bears feel a need to post negative comments to protect themselves from losing millions.

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Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Targets $0.76 After A Fake Breakdown From Descending Triangle
6 months ago

What's the latest with litecoin?

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Fed Day – When The Ducks Quack, Feed Them
7 months ago

Short, but accurate. The problem isn't that Biden will win, it's that Trump will refuse to leave. Lawsuits, protests and riots may cause a lot of uncertainty that the markets won't like.

Weekend Gold Forecast Nov. 1, 2020
7 months ago

Well election day is here. Time to see if your prediction is right.

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