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“Oil Is The Fed’s Canary”: Is The Fed “Sleepwalking Into A Policy Mistake”?
Gary Anderson 6/12/2017 7:21:40 PM

The #Fed will help the #banks. They don't care about #oil or #commodities. They probably want a decline in building commodities to offset possible interest rate difficulty for housing, and the lack of workers in the housing market that drive costs up.

Repeal Of Dodd-Frank Could Have Big Consequences
Gary Anderson 12/2/2016 7:23:02 AM

While the new normal pushes rates down, it would be great if rates were just a little higher, which would allow for #banks to take more risk in lending. I don't see rates exploding, however.

The Emerging Markets Are About to Feel the Pain of a Soaring Dollar
Gary Anderson 11/26/2016 1:30:02 PM

If these nations default, as in if #Trump cuts their #imports to the US forcing the defaults, our #banks could be in real trouble. I can't imagine how another credit crisis would help the United States prosper.

New Rules Will Derail Europe’s Financial System In 2018
Gary Anderson 11/12/2016 10:46:52 PM

So, banks are hoarding #bonds for this new rule and #banks are hoarding bonds as non banking financial institutions play a dangerous game of basing their collateral stability on equities as collateral. That appears to be another slippery slope:

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