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The Greatest Show On Earth - Not Really - It's Getting Ugly Dangerous
James Gornick 4/13/2020 2:01:48 AM

Always keep in mind, this article deals heavily with HIGH FREQUENCY TRADING ALGORITHMS PUSHING of Borrowing of massive amount of shares into the 10s of Millions too Billions in block succession hitting every Bid Order held within our Electronic Trading Exchanges, for purchase on the way down and just as quick in locking the profits in Buying back what they borrowed at. Much lower prices.

We have our ways of tracking these huge black swans!

The average investor or financial advisors can’t even stand a Chance in not providing true fiduciary protection for the many 401ks, Pensions, and institutional held corporate investments.

Just an update for making sure I have not left out, the truest engines of described recoiled that are at play and quite Ugly Dangerous as I stated in the title of the article.

The 150 million diluted shares of #Inovio $INO is actually a bold move in securing significant capital moving forward in bringing the final stages of the deep pipeline of truly Orphaned Levrls of Life Saving Vaccines, and medical cures for several highly held Virus of HPV affecting well over 80 million and counting as the lock downs of the world brings these whom are becoming infectious with HPV to even greater numbers.

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