E The Greatest Show On Earth - Not Really - It's Getting Ugly Dangerous


Under breaking news, but out of Australia 60 Minutes, found the traces of documents and e-mails coming out of South China, saying clearly, China's President Xi Jinping "knew" where the virus was developed and from what lab, President Xi been conducting "lies" upon the World's Stage of Nations being economically undermined as possible carried out by a few Bad Actors; as we believe could also involve Saudi's, Iran, and Russia, of the continued Oil Glut being pulled off by Russia and the Saudi's.

Real identified threats of this pandemic war have been reported. we are really fighting a multiple war scenario in play within our theater of battlegrounds.

China's COVID-19 virus is going to be won by the unexpecting world caught off guard.


Short selling refers to the sale of security such as Stock(s), ETF(s), and Commodities, just to mention a few, in anticipation of prices falling. The trading strategy is motivated by the belief that the prices of a security will drop, providing an opportunity for the stocks to be repurchased later and for the difference in price to be taken as profit. This also can set-up huge percentages as we are seeing in the documented dates when one can figure this whole scream out. 

Stockmarket Exchanges 2020 Schedule of Short Position Borrowing (c) January 2020

Short-sellers borrow shares of stocks they don’t own and try to sell them at the current price with the aim of re-buying them once the price drops significantly. They tend to use well-developed recoiling in protecting their daily and weekly exposure in markets trying to rebound but in this recoil system. The Market-Maker(s) and Short-Selling Investor(s) use this playbook to trap Bulls within a major Bearish Market Push in the aim of this strategy is to benefit from the difference between the price of short selling and the cost of re-buying the stocks.

Unlike investors, pension funds, mutual funds, ETFs, and Institutional Fiduciaries protecting many Nest Eggs, who hold stocks for their value and the income they produce, SHORT-SELLING TRADERS/MARKET-MAKER(S) capitalize on an anticipated decline in price by trying to sell high and buying low. Short selling is most of the time-limited to margin accounts but we learned from the 2007-2008 Housing Crash of Huge Bets Placed against a Sub-Prime Developed by again, Yep, you guessed it, MARKET-MAKER(S), because of the unlimited losses that can come into being if stock prices start rising rather than dropping if the Market-Maker(s) lose control over what they thought they had a handle on and arrogantly brought our American economy into the Great Recession of 2007-2015.

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 Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.  

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James Gornick 1 year ago Author's comment

We still see INO well undervalued with current discount of 43% to current trading levels for Monday April 13, 2020. Fair value currently is at $12.53

James Gornick 1 year ago Author's comment

Hi Michele,

This is partially true statement as you stated, but only to the point of how viruses love to mutate into different strains. Think about how each year, Snofio SNY, JNJ Johnson & Johnson, Roche have to tweak their Vaccine Candidates as the cocktail Just to battle the ever changing strains of the regular flu bug killing many each and every year as known as H1N1.

This will also be the case for SARS, and the Coronavirus Strains; as this pandemic has notoriously shown the inability for COVID19 to survive, for any long periods, if set airborne or on surfaces, but again, it’s abilities to lock in on the Co-Morbidly of those having already weakened health conditions, lead these infected into the ICU and a fight for their very lives. A fight or war being waged within the respiratory System with ARDS type attack, as Dr. Fauci, defines as the battle grounds.

The other areas having been identified by Dr. Fauci and other noted epidemiologists who have identified clearly; COVID19s abilities to cross over into the cerebral spinal fluid, bringing with it, the potentiality of causing Swelling within the spinal cord, and the brain.

The reasons for why the U.S. Department of Defense, gave significant funding towards INO is based along others backing the best vaccine chance of working.

What is meant by best chance of working, but not dependent upon getting those already surviving COVID19 to donate their Plasma for the life saving weapon in battle In defeating this China a Born Virus.

This is the main reason behind the highly upbeat hope’s placed with the PLASMID DNA Delivery System’s of INO Inovio Patented and licensed; abilities in getting precise Cellular Antibody Reactions sought as a significant use to protect, first, all the U.S. Forces, and the general populations of our nation and the rest of the world.

China has already been hitting on Inovio Counterpart in their own efforts as connectedness of Labs on the ground already being injected and running as approved by their counterpart of what would be the FDA for the United States.

I appreciate though you’re thoughts on what Dr. Fauci had said.

James Gornick 1 year ago Author's comment

Remember this word, especially after COVID19 is defeated, the lack of true transparency out of China will be proven with them being DUPLICITOUS in the calculated massive spread of the lethal China Coronavirus COVID19.

REMEMBER, back when all the world was in horror with the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks and the DUPLICITOUS acts taken by the Saudi Arab, in which they are now having to pay huge to thousands who were affected by their being part of the Bad Actors in those well planned 9/11 as was Pearl Harbor for WW II

This is why we keep writing these series of articles bringing the connection in trying to get all this stuff right in the end, when the history books are written.

We will be commenting on some news coming out late Friday Evening on Inovio assembling another diluted offering of up to 150 million shares.

We can only currently see this action by the senior board as another funding mechanism ramping up their now changing their models of vaccines and their VGX-3100 being manufactured within the United States hedging America’s being held hostage by all drug companies manufacturing their FDA Approved drug in China or other South Asian Country’s.

Will get back with everyone Monday with calls put out towards Inovio for their response,

Keep safe and knowing with God entered into all your equations, all things become possible.

Michele Grant 1 year ago Member's comment

According to Dr. Fauci, we likely missed our window to defeat #COVID19. It is here to stay.

James Gornick 1 year ago Author's comment

Always keep in mind, this article deals heavily with HIGH FREQUENCY TRADING ALGORITHMS PUSHING of Borrowing of massive amount of shares into the 10s of Millions too Billions in block succession hitting every Bid Order held within our Electronic Trading Exchanges, for purchase on the way down and just as quick in locking the profits in Buying back what they borrowed at. Much lower prices.

We have our ways of tracking these huge black swans!

The average investor or financial advisors can’t even stand a Chance in not providing true fiduciary protection for the many 401ks, Pensions, and institutional held corporate investments.

Just an update for making sure I have not left out, the truest engines of described recoiled that are at play and quite Ugly Dangerous as I stated in the title of the article.

The 150 million diluted shares of #Inovio $INO is actually a bold move in securing significant capital moving forward in bringing the final stages of the deep pipeline of truly Orphaned Levrls of Life Saving Vaccines, and medical cures for several highly held Virus of HPV affecting well over 80 million and counting as the lock downs of the world brings these whom are becoming infectious with HPV to even greater numbers.

Adam Reynolds 1 year ago Member's comment

While China was not transparent, they did not keep the outbreak a secret for long. It's really no excuse for America and the other countries who did absolutely nothing for so long. Trump in particular is just as complicit by telling Americans to go out, travel, etc., and to not be worried about the virus which was just a hoax.