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Yellen’s Not As Hawkish As We Thought, But It Doesn’t Matter For Your Bonds
Gary Anderson 3/25/2017 12:31:02 AM

So, the new normal could mean no real recovery. Labor share of #GDP shrinks, or grows slower than GDP. Loans and money supply seem to lag. #Bond hoarding (the new #gold) impacts bond demand. And I think the media may even get a little grease money from bond tantrum people. Now I can't prove that, but really do we have to? MSM heroes come on talking up yield, and somehow they are connected to people who seem to profit from a little bounce in yield. Again, this is just my opinion, but I don't think it is a one off strategy.

The No Growth In US Trade Does Matter
Sam Anwar 12/5/2016 5:47:43 PM

I have to agree given the stagnation or relatively minor growth of all economic indices such as #GDP, #jobs report, #imports and #exports.

The Helicopter Paradigm
Sam Anwar 8/10/2016 6:39:57 PM

Also, I believe the phenomenon is will work based off the low global #GDP growth and the fact companies store funds overseas and they do not repatriate the funds in order to not pay #taxes. Therefore, companies save significant sums of money in potential tax fees by taking a loan against the funds stored overseas and using that money for operations.

​Americans Would Prosper Better with a Republican President
Gary Anderson 7/26/2016 4:38:50 AM

Surely the globalization of the world, something not done by #Obama, contributes to declining wages in America. It isn't Obama that did this, it is the globalist cabal that doesn't care much about the well being of Americans anymore.

I am not a big fan of Obama or any politician right now, but the decline of wages was not his doing. #Trump is not exactly a Republican, so no one really knows if he will hurt #GDP or keep the slow growth engineered by the Fed.

NGDP Futures Targeting – Still Doesn’t Work….
Gary Anderson 7/25/2016 8:58:34 PM

#Monetarism is almost dead, but helicopter money translates to the real economy. So, getting base money into the hands of the people would work. However, interest rates have to be monitored because so many bonds are being used as collateral. The banks are vulnerable.

#NGDP Targeting would create too much inflation for those bonds being used as collateral if #GDP was low, requiring a lot of inflation. There is a reason why the Fed stopped listening to Scott Sumner. And that is that these clearinghouses were created in order to protect the counterparties, but they use trillions of dollars of bonds. The Fed now has massive demand for bonds that will extend for many, many years, unless the clearinghouses themselves fail. Therefore, NGDP Targeting will not ever be accepted by the #CentralBanks, IMO.

Sumner was right about the Fed ignoring NGDP leading to the Great Recession. But now the Fed has insatiable demand for bonds and is content.

Domino's Unleashes Pizza-Delivery-Robot As 2 Out Of 3 Americans Expect Jobs To Be Automated
Kurt Benson 7/25/2016 2:45:08 PM

I agree that the human interaction is an integral part of the dining experience, but further technical integration is inevitable. And it can help bring down the cost of eating out. Why would technology shrink the #GDP? Can you please elaborate?

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