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Zoom Is Now Worth More Than The World's 7 Biggest Airlines
Dave Schneider 5/20/2020 1:53:44 AM

#Zoom is a $20 dollar stock masquerading as part of #FAANG. $ZM

Netflix And FANG Lead The Stock Market Higher
Alexis Renault 1/16/2019 3:26:07 AM

Michael J. Kramer, why don't you include $AAPL in your coverage? Isn't #Apple included as part of #FAANG?

Cheering for Daniel-San to Crane Kick the FAANGs
Duke Peters 1/3/2019 12:38:05 AM

Great article on #FAANG. But if you've seen Cobra Kai, (and if you haven't, you must), you'll see that the antagonist in Karate Kid is not such a bad guy after all. And Daniel-san ain't so perfect!

Old FANG-ful
Doug Morris 6/17/2018 12:43:07 AM

Tim Knight, why don't you include $AAPL as part of #FAANG?

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