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Your A To Z Guide To The Brexit Trade Negotiations
Angry Old Lady 2/2/2020 1:26:21 PM

Sigh, so sick of #Brexit. Can't wait for it to all be over and done with!

EU-UK Deal Sends Sterling And The Euro Higher
Cynthia Decker 10/17/2019 12:29:27 PM

Hard to believe this #Brexit saga may finally be over!

US Factory Contraction, UK Snap Election To Block Brexit Delay
Backyard Hiker 9/18/2019 1:39:53 PM

Sigh, I'm really sick of all this #Brexit talk. I wish the would either change their mind or leave the EU already.

What In The World Is Going On?
Ayelet Wolf 3/27/2019 9:23:24 PM

Why did they originally open up the #Brexit issue to a referendum in the first place? Seems like it simply opened a never ending Pandora's Box which is costing the PM her job.

Has Brexit Boosted The British Economy?
Katy Lin 2/5/2018 6:07:54 PM

It's difficult to know which side to believe when it comes to #brexit.

Will A UK/US Trade Deal Really Benefit UK?
Alex Filonov 1/31/2017 2:36:34 PM

There will be no US/UK deal until #Brexit is finished. Until then, UK will stick to EU rules. And Brexit is at least 2 years in the future. And we don't know if it's hard (full split) or soft (remaining in free trade zone) split. In other words, any speculation on US/UK deal is way premature.

2017 Annual Forecast
Gary Anderson 1/6/2017 6:39:03 PM

This article is a helpful resource. However, you say: "#Russia will continue to play spoiler and peacemaker in the Middle East." I am not sure when a peacemaker can be labeled a spoiler. We spoiled the middle east with regime change. We are the spoiler and Russia is the peacemaker. While not being a fan of #Trump as a man, I think he is correct on this issue. Regime change has put women and children, innocent victims, in harms way throughout the middle east. I think it is bad policy, and has created refugees, and helped motivate #BREXIT, although having your own currency may be the best way to go for the UK and for any nation for that matter. The idea of regime change and the resulting refugees may fuel the end of the Eurozone itself! I don't think that was the intent of the planners of this policy.

6 Foreign Stocks To Buy For The Post Brexit Era
Corey Gaber 11/29/2016 12:06:10 AM

Always interesting to see how #Brexit has affected the stock market, thanks.

The US Presidential Election Is Not A Brexit Moment
Jimmy Richards 11/7/2016 5:25:22 PM

Nice article, I agree that the constant comparisons to #Brexit are getting tiresome. While there are of course some similarities, there are far more that's different. The whole comparison argument is feeling forced.

The UK Housing Market Has Become More Interesting After Brexit
James Hanshaw 10/24/2016 5:47:51 PM

Whatever the effects of #Brexit, Britain has a major shortage of homes to buy or to rent. This shortage has been building up for years and it continues as new home building lags population growth by so much. I do not know about the short to medium term future but long term UK house builders must be a good bet. I am staying with those I own $BVS, $PSN and $BWY.

Gold is Not Going to $10,000
Sam Anwar 7/25/2016 6:41:29 PM

The price of #silver and #gold has recently been affected by #Brexit. In addition, I feel as though that the UK might make a Swiss model deal which entails free trade with the E.U. and Schengen Zone visa privileges which would effectively give the benefits of EU membership minus the voting power and at a lower contribution cost. Also, this would ease market concerns and wipe out the rally that gold has sustained assuming everything remains about the same.

No Place to Park
Dick Kaplan 7/10/2016 9:53:26 PM

Excellent article and you hit the nail on the head here - without someone responsible in Britain to keep things moving, only chaos will reign. #brexit.

UK In Chaos Post-EU Referendum
David B. Johnson 7/10/2016 9:50:17 PM

Yes, chaos is the only winner here. Though I think the #Brexit vote was pretty close and many of those who did vote, are now regretting it. I'd say it's more an issue of #regrexit rather than people being sore losers.

Blindsided By Brexit Bias
David P. Goldsmith 7/5/2016 11:50:51 PM

Excellent article which really sheds light on the entire #Brexit vote. It wasn't such a mystery after all...

Hong Kong’s Choice Between Hope And Despair
Currency Trader 7/4/2016 7:24:04 PM

Very insightful, I hadn't thought of just how susceptible Hong Kong would be to #Brexit.

Brexit And The Economy: Effect On The U.S. Job Market
Cynthia Decker 7/4/2016 7:20:59 PM

It's my understand that many companies chose the UK as a foot in the door to the greater EU. But once the UK leaves the EU, I'd expect most of these companies to leave the UK as well. #brexit

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