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Bitcoin’s Value: Probably A Lot Higher Than You Think
Currency Trader 1/29/2018 12:05:56 AM

Moon Kil Woong, the issues that you stated can not be resolved. The whole purpose of #cryptocurrency is avoid gonverment regution and a paper trail. Without that, all you have is #Paypal or #ApplePay.

The Needed Acception Of Cryptocurrency Today
Barry Hochhauser 11/30/2016 1:47:49 AM

I'd have to agree with you Alexander Hamilton. Though I often wonder if sites like $AMZN or $AAPL have their own plans for #cryptocurrency. Like with #ApplePay.

The Second Big Test For Bitcoin
Causette Adams 7/26/2016 5:27:03 PM

I'm not familiar with Ethereum. I just think the future of digital currency lies with things like #ApplePay. I don't trust #bitcoin ever since Mont Gox went bankrupt and so many people lost their bitcoins. And bitcoins are too easily used by criminals/terrorists and I don't support that. There should be a paper trail that authorities can track (with a warrant) if needed.

Piper's Munster Says Apple Could Buy Tidal For Much Less Than It Paid For Beats
Alex Gennaro 7/2/2016 5:09:43 AM

Still totally overpaying. They should be expanding #ApplePay. $AAPL

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