The Needed Acception Of Cryptocurrency Today


Cryptocurrency, digital money, or bitcoin, however you would like to refer to it, is becoming one of the largest forms of financial exchange today. This could mostly be due in part to the growing use of online businesses. Many new businesses springing up around the globe are based online. Even those businesses that are not based completely online still do part of their business over the web, if not at least provide their information there.

Though there is heavy use of online financial transactions and business processes, cryptocurrency still has difficulty managing to find itself in this mess of financial exchange. Take Amazon for example, one of the biggest online vendors today. Amazon (AMZN) does not accept cryptocurrency of any kind. You can trade your cryptocurrency out for amazon gift cards through a third party service, but aside from that, Amazon, one of the biggest online vendors, does not accept those online funds.

One of the bigger problems for cryptocurrency is being accepted by any wide-spread use of business. Banks were terrified of the topic (and often still are), thanks to the bad reputation bitcoins had gotten due to the dark web. There are companies left and right looking to bridge this gap and allow for more fluid transitions of finances, but there is still a clear hesitation by banks to make this move into cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is important for a lot of people to make the secure transactions they need, but without the cooperation of big businesses and banks, you won’t have a “virtual wallet” to manage those finances.

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Alexander Hamilton 4 years ago Member's comment

It's because #cryptocurrency is used by various nefarious organizations to launder money. From various Mafias to Dictators and dark web, all use it. $AMZN doesn't want to legitimize them!

Samantha Wolf 4 years ago Member's comment

My concern with #DigitalCurrency is that anything is hackable. And when there is no paper trail, you are simply out of luck. That's why I'll never invest in #bitcoin. Look at all those people who lost their #bitcoins when Mt. Gox went under. #Gold and liquid #cash are always a safer investment.

Barry Hochhauser 4 years ago Member's comment

I'd have to agree with you Alexander Hamilton. Though I often wonder if sites like $AMZN or $AAPL have their own plans for #cryptocurrency. Like with #ApplePay.