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Zack Miller has been growing investment businesses for the past decade. He's held senior leadership positions and consulted to some of the top next-generation finance sites including Seeking Alpha, Lending Club, LearnVest, Wall Street Survivor, Covestor, and SigFig. Zack began his career in ... more

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What Is An Initial Coin Offering?
Initial coin offerings could be a new way to raise funds for public and private companies – if they're all running on decentralized ledgers.
The State Of Fintech Funding, In Five Charts
Total global funding to fintech companies fell to 47.2 percent to $24.7 billion in 2016 from $46.7 billion the year before, according to KPMG’s quarterly fintech funding report, The Pulse of Fintech, which came out in February 23.
Citi Ventures And RRE Invest $11 Million In Clarity Money
Citi Ventures and venture capital firm RRE Ventures made a major Series B investment in Clarity Money.
How Citi’s Latest Cybersecurity Bet Veers From The Usual Model
Financial technology trends come and go but three are here to stay: Everyone has a mobile phone, large businesses are moving their data to cloud systems — and threats to cybersecurity are evolving with and around both behaviors.
Startups Welcome New Government Charter For Financial Tech Firms
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is moving forward on allowing financial tech firms to apply for banking licenses. Some industry watchers worry OCC's requirements give an advantage to well-established firms over early-stage companies.
Hi 5! The Top Five Fintech Stories We’re Following Today, February 6, 2017
Between tailgating at a pre-game party or watching the Super Bowl itself, you may not have had time to really dig into the week’s top news. As the halo burns off the big game weekend, regain focus by feasting on the best of our weekly coverage.
Winning In Online Lending Requires Creative Acquisition Strategies
Financial institutions engaged in forms of finance like reverse factoring, and alternative SMB financing companies like Behalf, will probably face the regulatory music in the near future.
Is Debt Financing The New Big Equity Round In Fintech?
Private technology firms are accustomed to using various forms of debt to scale up. The most common, convertible debt, enables a young, upwardly mobile firm to raise money quickly without having to quibble over early-stage valuations.
New Stock Exchange Approved, Silicon Valley Readies Another
After a lot of wrangling with the SEC, IEX was finally approved to become a full-fledged exchange.
Top Banker Steve McLaughlin On The Future Of Wealth Management
Post financial crisis, we’re in a completely new area of innovation.
The Future Of Roboadvisory, As Seen By A Top Fintech Investment Bank
Robos are next step in passive investing evolution. The story about roboadvisory isn’t just a tech story - it also has to do with another general trend in investing: the move away from active fund management to passive forms of investing.
How To Solve The Chicken-and-egg Problem Of New Bond Marketplaces
Nobody said building a financial services business from scratch would be easy.
How Payoneer Bridged The Trust Gap In Online Payments
Marketplaces are big business online and poised to get bigger. As more people transition to freelance and consulting, marketplaces are how small businesses find willing buyers all around the world.
Six Top Fintech Firms Taking On The Student Loan Industry
While few fintech startups will actually underwrite a student loan, they’re more than happy to refinance them. A handful of startups are approaching the student debt market with different approaches and solutions.
The Road To Nowhere: Legal Cannabis Business Can’t Be Solved By Fintech
Legal cannabis sales are experiencing a bull market, but retailers are forced to walk home with duffel bags filled with cash.
EC Top 10 Things JPM’s Jamie Dimon Said About Fintech
JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon frequently hits the road to visit startups, hits the podcast circuits to talk fintech, and dedicates a lot of ink in his firm’s yearly investor communications to discussing the future of finance.
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