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Zack Miller has been growing investment businesses for the past decade. He's held senior leadership positions and consulted to some of the top next-generation finance sites including Seeking Alpha, Lending Club, LearnVest, Wall Street Survivor, Covestor, and SigFig. Zack began his career in ... more


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Stephane Dubois Of Xignite On Providing Stock Market Data To (Almost) All Of Fintech
A pioneer in the amazing things happening in fintech today, Stephane joins me on a recent trip to Jerusalem for a conversation about the future of investing. (Audio Length: 00:27:26)
Simply Invest Like A Hedge Fund — With Mike Kane
The CEO of Hedgeable joins Tradestreaming host, Zack Miller to talk about his roboadvisor that uses sophisticated tools — the like employed by hedge funds — to manage retail investor money. (Audio Length: 00:29:53)
The Online Investing Course — With Mesh Lakhani
Mesh Lakhani is an investor, a teacher, and the founder of the Future Investor course. (Audio length 00:31:42)
Investing In Litigation Finance — With LexShares’ Jay Greenberg
Known as ‘litigation finance’, this form of investing hasn’t been available to a wide investor base but returns have been as high as 50%. (Audio Length: 20:41)
Getting Financial Information In The Margins - With Akash Kapur
I don’t know about you but some of the most heated investing discussions happen after a company (say, like, Apple) announces earnings. (Audio Length:00:18:04)
FeeX: The Robin Hood Of (Investment) Fees
FeeX bills itself as the “Robin Hood of Fees” and Erik Laurence, the company’s VP of Marketing and Business Development, joins us to talk about why minimizing fees is so important for investors. (Audio Length: 00:28:29)
Getting Good Advice For Your 401k — With Chris Costello
Zack Miller on the Tradestreaming Podcast to discuss retirement planning and investing and how his firm is addressing the problem with an easy-to-use, affordable investing tool.
How Groundbreaker Is Helping Real Estate Investment Firms Find New Investors
Probably the hottest sector in crowdfunding right now is real estate.
Running Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns With Roy Morejon
It may look easy to launch a crowdfunding campaign, raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, and hit your targets…but it ain’t.
Crowdability And Educating Investors On The Crowdfunding Opportunity
On this week’s TWiC podcast, we interview the guys behind Crowdability — a great resource for investors thinking about getting a bit more serious about equity crowdfunding.
Create Better Consumer Products, Make More Money With Quirky
Creating a new consumer product used to be a somewhat solitary process.
Peter Renton On How The Lending Club IPO Changes Everything
We interview Peter Renton of LendAcademy and the Lendit conference, who’s a true pioneer in the marketplace lending industry. We ask Peter on where the industry is headed.
Investing In Real Estate Via Crowdfunding – With Realty Mogul’s Jilliene Helman
Crowdfunding is changing the way many people invest.
Podcast: Investing In People With Potential — With Upstart’s Dave Girouard
Dave Girouard, co-founder and CEO of Upstart, joins us to talk about how his firm is enabling lending to, and investing in, young people with high potential who haven’t had enough time to build out a long credit history. Audio length 29:36.
Podcast: Creating A New Asset Class Of Personal Loans — With Lending Club’s Scott Sanborn
Scott Sanborn joins me on the Tradestreaming Podcast to discuss why investors are flocking to Lending Club and where his business will go in the near future. Audio length 32:51.
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