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Steve Green is an investor based in Australia focused on global asset allocation, special situation and activist investing strategies. Interested in Listed Investment Companies (LICs) & Closed End Funds (CEFs). Follow Value Investing For A ... more


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Should I Buy ASX Shares Now?
I seem to be coming across more comments that markets will keep going up because too many investors are bearish. Yet if I am seeing more and more investors saying this doesn’t that mean more and more investors have already turned bullish?
5 Factors For Profiting From ASX LIC Takeovers And Wind Ups
Here are five areas amongst the most critical that should be looked for to position for LICs that have added potential. Plus what are some LICs that may not survive in their current form in the medium term?
ASX LIC Performance Comparison – Not A Happy FY19
It has been a tough environment for active managers, so I thought I would take a look at a performance comparison of the most popular ASX LICs.
Have We Learnt Nothing From Investing In Closed End Funds / ASX LICs In The Last 30 Years?
I recently read an excellent study on closed end funds (CEFs). Let me take some interesting snippets out of this detailed study and expand on a few points.
E EC What If Value Investing Is A Little Bit Dead?
Have the prospects for value investing deteriorated such that we need to consider some different ways for our approach?
LIC Investing In Australia – 10 Factors To Check Before Buying
When I look back at my investing mistakes, one common theme is rushing into a new purchase.
Playing Games With LIC Performance Reporting
I think there is a little less to worry about in markets in 2019. I would probably want the decline we have seen from market tops to be in the order of 25-30%, rather than around 10-15% across world equity markets currently though.
Is There Even Such A Thing As A Simple Passive Investment Strategy?
In choosing a simple passive investing approach though, you have arguably made a complex active large investment bet. Let me explain...
1 to 8 of 8 Posts