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Tim Knight has been charting and trading since 1987. His first stock trade was, in fact, on October 19, 1987 – the day of the crash – which perhaps goes a long way explaining his disposition ... more

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Moderna And Retail Investors
Shares of Moderna spiked 20% Monday on news it had requested FDA clearance for its COVID-19 vaccine. Both Bloomberg’s Joe Wiesenthal and Julianna Tatelbaum wondered why though.
Home Support
The homebuilders exchange fund, ITB, has been carving out what could prospectively be an important topping pattern.
5 New Superstars
I went through my watch list of relatively young stocks, and there are some which stand out as particularly bullish patterns.
Planted Ear
Just last month, Palantir came public in a much-anticipated offering, and it did absolutely nothing. That all changed the moment the election was over.
Three Post-19 Shorts
Three stocks that are vulnerable should the virus become out-of-fashion.
Long Beans: US-Traded Chinese Stocks With Interesting Charts
Here are charts that looked interesting on the long side – – some of them established winners, and others newer opportunities.
Why Cryptocurrency Is Better
Alright, confession time. I’ll admit it, I finally bought cryptocurrency last week. Never did I touch it until then. I bought Ethereum.
The European Theatre
If Powell isn’t throwing trillions at equities, things aren’t so hot. Thus, we have the Europe 50 STOXX futures.
GEX Says Beware
The Gamma Exposure Index has made some seriously large negative divergences coming into the recent highs.
Remember, Bitcoin isn't a company, it's just a ... tradable thing.
Monday, Monday: Upcoming Earnings
The upcoming week is the last decent week of earnings for 2020. Here are the charts for four reporting Monday.
To D Or Not To (US)D?
To my eyes, one of the cleanest and most exciting patterns out there is the US dollar compared to the Japanese Yen, which seems poised for much lower values.
Get Out Of Jail Free? CXW Chart
The chart seems to suggest that the prison business isn't looking so hot.
Flat Line Crack
I have never traded Pfizer in my life, but obviously, the cute stunt they pulled had a worldwide effect on all assets. Now, a few days later, almost all of the thrill is gone.
Triple Small
TNA, the triple-bullish-fund based on small caps, seems to me we have run into a wall of resistance.
Flatten The Funhouse Mirrors
Stock prices, in nominal dollar-denominated terms, are misleading. Stock prices in the U.S. are expressed in dollars, and dollars are not a constant, immutable measuring stick.
1 to 16 of 2326 Posts
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