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Tim Knight has been charting and trading since 1987. His first stock trade was, in fact, on October 19, 1987 – the day of the crash – which perhaps goes a long way explaining his disposition ... more

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Virtual Wipeout
I haven’t given up on XLE, but I suspect these soon-to-expire puts are going to leave a brutal mark.
Cheap Shoes Jackpot
Remember Crocs? Well, their shareholders sure do. In a true celebration of the fiat money tornado, this maker of cheaply-made, ugly shoes is up about 1800% in the past eighteen months.
Sigh Of CPI Relief
CPI came in a little cooler than anticipated, which means Powell’s hands are not tied if he needs to use a salad-shooter to distribute more trillions of stock buyers.
Foot Odor
Foot Locker has completed its topping pattern, having broken both its ascending trendline and pushing below its price gap.
Index Revulsion
The big indexes are looking dreadfully weary, particularly when you examine them with their overbought/oversold indicators breaking down.
The Degradation Continues Apace
Breadth continues to wither away.
Robinhood The Garbage Stock
Can you imagine what it would be worth in a normal, organic market? Nope, because it never would have been able to IPO.
Broken Bonds
A global economy absolutely choking on hundreds of trillions of debt, with interest rates on the rise. Sounds like a formula for a thriving worldwide economy, doesn’t it?
The Meat Will Get Beat
The stock BYND looks like it’s ready to head for the grinder.
Suddenly It's Clear
I actually am not mentally shackled to a perma-bear state of mine, which for all these years I thought was my principal handicap.
Sunday ETF Catch-Up
Let's take a look at some ETFs on this long Labor Day weekend.
Jobs: Excuse Me, Miss?
The monthly jobs report just came out, and let’s just say this economy ain’t exactly roaring. The past couple of months, estimates were beaten, but the latest news missed the estimate by a country mile.
Phony As A $3 Bill
The SPY is totally under the thumb of our federal government masters. And one glance at volatility tells you everything you need to know. Price discovery is dead and buried.
Coin Flyover
My 17 lovingly selected crypto charts, including the seven I am long.
Index Flyover
Review of stock market indexes through August 27, 2021.
Channel Intact
Today was yet another victorious one for the bulls.
1 to 16 of 2637 Posts
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