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Is Swine Flu Going To Be The Next Pandemic?
The world has been worried about pandemic diseases for many years. Before COVID-19, attention was focused on influenza viruses as the most likely cause. A recent paper reminds us that the threat from flu remains very real.
3 Moral Virtues Necessary For An Ethical Pandemic Response And Reopening
The health and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic are not equally felt. From the United States to Brazil and the United Kingdom, low-wage workers are suffering more than others and communities of color are most vulnerable to the virus.
Economic Policies Can Induce People To Quarantine Safely During The Pandemic
Economic policies can play a big role in how many people get infected by COVID-19 – because such policies shape incentives that influence individual choices.
When Supreme Court Justices Defy Expectations
The principles of equality and nondiscrimination are at the heart of American democratic tradition. I believe the bold decision in Bostock is consistent with a historic pattern of some justices defying expectations.
COVID-19 Will Turn The State Pension Problem Into A Fiscal Crisis
Many of the public employee pension plans run by states don’t have enough money in them to make upcoming pension payments to retired state workers.
Three Ways Blockchain Could Get The World To Act Against The Climate Crisis
The world has failed to halt global warming. Four years after the signing of the Paris Agreement, most experts predict global warming will exceed the agreed thresholds, with disastrous consequences.




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