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Bitcoin: China's Crackdown Isn't Enough – Only A Global Effort Can Stop Crypto's Monstrous Energy Demand
For regulatory purposes, bitcoin should be considered similar to the global trade in Chinese tiger parts. Banning tiger hunting in the UK is pointless, but banning the sale of tiger parts is useful.
IRS Hitting You With A Fine Or Late Fee? Don’t Fret – A Consumer Tax Advocate Says You Still Have Options
Tax Day has come and gone, and you think you filed your return in the nick of time. Some weeks later you receive a letter in the mail from the Internal Revenue Service informing you of missing the deadline and failing to pay your tax bill on time.
The Internet Is Out To Get You
Assume that everyone and everything on the internet is out to get you – and maybe already has. The "Zero trust" model relies on continuous verification via information from multiple sources.
US Support For Waiving COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Rights Puts Pressure On Drugmakers – But What Would A Waiver Actually Look Like?
The U.S. and Europe are debating waiving patent rights for COVID-19 vaccines, a move that could allow more companies to produce the vaccine around the world. But it’s not as simple as it might sound.
Brazil’s Economic Crisis, Prolonged By COVID-19, Poses An Enormous Challenge To The Amazon
As Brazil’s economy thrived, deforestation in the Amazon slowed. Deforestation levels in 2012 were one-sixth of what they were in 2004.
Biden Wants Corporations To Pay For His $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plans
President Biden just proposed a roughly US$2 trillion infrastructure plan, which he ambitiously compared to the interstate highway system and the space race. He aims to pay for it solely by taxing companies more.




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President Joe Biden’s Cabinet and top appointees will likely be the most diverse in U.S. history. He says they were purposely chosen to “look like America.”
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American society is riven down the middle. In the 2020 presidential election, 81 million people turned out to vote for Joe Biden, while another 74 million voted for Donald Trump.

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