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Dividend Aristocrats In Focus: Caterpillar
Caterpillar made the 2019 Dividend Aristocrats list by raising its dividend for the 25th year in a row. Even more impressive is the fact that Caterpillar operates in a cyclical industry.
Dividend Aristocrats In Focus: Chubb Ltd.
The stock currently yields 2.2%, which is a slightly-above-average yield as the S&P 500 Index on average yields 2%. However, after accounting for dividend withholding taxes, Chubb has a more modest 1.4% dividend yield.
Dividend Aristocrats In Focus: United Technologies
United Technologies gave investors a 5% dividend increase last October. The stock currently yields just under 2.6%, but well above the 2% yield of the S&P 500.
8 Top Beverage Stocks For 2019, Ranked In Order
This article examines the investment prospects of 8 of the top beverage stocks in detail.
E Procter & Gamble: Improving Growth Prospects And Resilience To Recessions
See the investment prospects of Procter & Gamble analyzed in detail.
E The Green Organic Dutchman: Inexpensive Exposure To The Growing Marijuana Industry
The marijuana industry is relatively young, especially when it comes to the recreational marijuana market, which is deemed to be larger than the medical marijuana market.
Tim Sloan: Is Wells Fargo’s CEO Worth The Pay?
Tim Sloan has had a long career at Wells Fargo and assumed leadership of the company at one of the most difficult points in its history.
The Best Time To Start Saving For Retirement (With & Without Debt)
The end goal for just about every investor is to save enough money to one day leave the workforce.
The Average Retirement Age In The US
Retirement is the end game for just about every investor. Indeed, the reason people invest their money is to grow it and use it at a later date, which for most people, coincides with their intent to leave the workforce.
E Is Caterpillar A Bargain After Its Recent Plunge?
Caterpillar is firing on all cylinders right now and thus it is on track to post record earnings this year. However, it is a highly cyclical stock and thus it is highly vulnerable to recessions.
E Chevron Will Be Offering At Least A 4.5% Dividend Yield From Next Month
Since early October, the price of oil has plunged almost 40%. This turmoil has caused Chevron to shed 18% over this period. As a result, its dividend yield has climbed to 4.3% and the company is expected to raise its dividend next month.
E Our Favorite Railroad Stock Now
See the investment prospects of our favorite railroad stock, Kansas City Southern, covered in detail.
E Is High-Growth Costco A Good Investment Right Here?
Costco’s shares are trading at $197 right now, as shares have already declined considerably from the 52-week high of $245 that was hit in September.
E When Will Amazon Initiate A Dividend?
Other tech giants pay dividends. Will Amazon join them? And should it?
Buying On Margin: Should You Borrow Money To Buy Stocks?
The idea of borrowing money to invest in the stock market can be very appealing for risk-tolerant investors.
E Marathon Petroleum Can Offer Double-Digit Annual Returns From Here
The recent plunge of Marathon Petroleum has led the stock to overvalued territory.
1 to 16 of 1022 Posts
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