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Dynex Capital: Short-Term Headwinds Threaten The 13% Dividend Yield
Dynex Capital’s high dividend yield and monthly dividend payments make it an intriguing stock for dividend investors, even though its dividend payment has been declining in recent years.
Eagle Point Credit: Don’t Speculate On This 14% Yielder
Eagle Point Credit’s high dividend yield and monthly dividend payments make it an intriguing stock for dividend investors, even though its dividend payment has been stagnant in recent years.
Oxford Lane Capital: 16% Yield But A Troubling History Of Dividend Cuts
While Oxford Lane’s distribution is highly attractive today – given its monthly payout and 16% yield – we see meaningful risks.
PermRock Royalty Trust: Permian Pure-Play With An 11% Dividend Yield
There are many investors who want exposure to the boom in the Permian Basin. PermRock Royalty Trust is an oil and gas producer with all of its properties in the Permian Basin. It offers an 11% dividend yield and distributes monthly dividends.
Pacific Coast Oil Trust: Attractive 10% Dividend Yield, But Know The Risks
There are only 39 stocks that pay monthly dividends, allowing for more current income and faster compounding of wealth for holders. One is Pacific Coast Oil Trust, a stock that offers a massive, double-digit yield, and dividend payments each month
E AbbVie: This High-Yield Dividend Aristocrat Is A Buy
AbbVie stock has significantly underperformed the broader S&P Index this year, but the stock could be a bargain and an attractive buying opportunity for long-term dividend growth.
E Old Republic International: Undervalued Insurance Stock
Insurance stocks can be strong investments over the long-term, thanks to their steady growth and reliable dividends. Old Republic is a cheap stock with a 3.5% dividend yield, making it a top insurance stock today.
Will Uber Ever Pay A Dividend?
Investors should not expect a dividend from Uber for several more years.
E Kroger: The Top Grocery Stock For 2019
The steady expansion by e-commerce giant Amazon into grocery is a looming threat for the entire industry. But Kroger has invested heavily to compete with Amazon, and the investments are starting to bear fruit.
Commerce Bancshares: Rich Dividend History, Richer Valuation
Commerce Bancshares has a dividend history that few companies in the financial services industry can match.
Growth Of Income: Dividends, Microsoft, & Mt. Everest
Free cash flow is the oxygen of any business, investing is no different. The most important of all the element for any businesses to survive, which is a key to be able to thrive, is free cash flow.
Is Johnson & Johnson A Buy In June 2019?
When it comes to dividend growth stocks, healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson is among the best of the best. It has a legendary reputation among dividend investors, for a good reason.
Will Lyft Ever Pay A Dividend?
Until Lyft becomes profitable, investors should not expect a dividend from the company. And even when the company becomes profitable, investors should not expect a dividend right away.
E Bank Of Montreal: This Canadian Bank Yields 4% And Just Raised Its Dividend
Canadian banks widely offer more attractive valuations and higher dividend yields than their U.S. based industry peers.
Is AbbVie Stock A Buy In May 2019?
Volatility has returned to the stock market, as a result of escalating trade tensions. During periods of heightened geopolitical risk, it is a good time for investors to refocus on high-quality dividend growth stocks.
Will Alphabet Stock Ever Pay A Dividend?
Alphabet is easily able to pay a dividend; it simply has not made the decision to initiate a dividend yet. But this could change, which is why investors should not be surprised to see Alphabet start paying dividends in the next several years.
1 to 16 of 1076 Posts
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