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Monthly Dividend Stock In Focus: American Finance Trust
With a nearly 11% yield, this stock is quite attractive to income investors, and it is still trading at just half the level of its pre-crisis highs, meaning the value proposition is much better than it was as well.
Kimberly-Clark: Dividend Aristocrat With 5 Billion-Dollar Brands
Kimberly-Clark is a Dividend Aristocrat with a time-tested business model, due in large part to its strong brand portfolio. The company has multiple leading brands which have provided it with steady growth for decades.
Anheuser-Busch InBev: A Deep-Dive Into Its 17 Billion-Dollar Brands
Anheuser-Busch InBev is the largest beer company in the world, and this was no accident. The company has grown into the giant it is today, thanks in large part to its industry-leading brand portfolio.
Monthly Dividend Stock In Focus: Broadmark Realty Capital
Broadmark’s high current yield and monthly payment make it attractive purely from an income perspective, but the future outlook is uncertain. Adding to investor concerns is that the company cut its dividend earlier this year.
E PepsiCo: Dividend Aristocrat Yielding 3%
PepsiCo is a time-tested Dividend Aristocrat. Its high-quality brand portfolio is a huge reason for its long history of growth.
E Enbridge: High-Yield Energy Stock To Buy Now
Enbridge is a beaten-down large cap energy stock, but the company continues to report solid cash flows and pay a nearly 8% dividend yield to shareholders.
EC 2020 Large Cap Stocks List, Plus Our Top Ten Picks
About 400 stocks have market capitalization of $10B or more. Here are ten with durable competitive advantages and long-term growth potential.
Otis Vs. Carrier: Which Spin-Off To Buy?
Recently, United Technologies broke up into 3 public companies. First, it spun off its two non-aerospace divisions: Otis Worldwide Corp and Carrier Corporation. Then, it merged the remaining company with Raytheon to create an aerospace/defense giant.
Five Top Gaming Stocks For 2020
While gaming stocks are typically not considered high quality dividend growth stocks, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique situation where they are worth taking a closer look.
Dividend Aristocrats In Focus: Otis Worldwide
Otis has been a very strong business for 167 years. Now that it is once again a standalone company, it offers a “pure-play” on a variety of important and growing trends around the world.
Dividend Aristocrats In Focus: Carrier Global
After being spun off from United Technologies, Carrier stands as an independently traded “pure-play” business.
Mailbox Money Math Of Dividends
Growth or income? There are more than enough Tortoise and Hare investment products to choose from, and even more investment analogies drawn from this great race.
E Hawaiian Holdings: Value Stock With A Strong Dividend
Hawaiian Holdings has been hit hard by coronavirus fears. But this high-quality airliner could be a cheap value stock with strong future returns.
2020 Value Stocks List: Lowest P/E Stocks (+The Top 3 Value Stocks Now)
The price-to-earnings ratio, or P/E ratio, is perhaps the most frequently-utilized valuation metric for stock investors.
Dividend Aristocrats In Focus: Amcor Plc
Amcor is uniquely positioned for strong growth in the coming years thanks to its recent acquisition that has opened up several new attractive end markets and given the company access to unlocking valuable synergies.
Dividend Aristocrats In Focus: Atmos Energy
Atmos Energy stock is overvalued currently, making it relatively unattractive for value investors today.
1 to 16 of 1155 Posts
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