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EC AT&T Stock: Why It’s A Buy In 2020
Shares of telecommunications giant AT&T Inc. have enjoyed a meaningful rebound in 2019, after a few difficult years.
The 10 Best-Performing Micro-Cap Stocks Of 2019
In 2019 the S&P 500 Index rose an astounding 29%. Much of that gain is the result of a horrible end to 2018 that saw stocks bottom the day before Christmas. Here were the 10 best-performing micro-cap stocks of 2019.
Active Portfolio Management Using Dividend Growth Stocks: The Role Of Technical Analysis
Technical analysis is used to assess whether a stock is cheap or rich. Let's take a deeper look...
E Twitter: Justifiable To Pay A Dividend, But Don’t Expect One
Twitter is no longer just another tech startup. It is a highly profitable company with sizable free cash flow. But here's why investors are not likely to receive a Twitter dividend any time soon.
Will Twitter Ever Pay A Dividend?
Since its IPO in late 2013, Twitter has pronouncedly underperformed the market. During this period, the stock has slumped 29% whereas the S&P 500 Index has rallied 75%.
E Newmont Goldcorp: Why This Negative Beta Stock Could Outperform In A Market Downturn
Negative beta stocks are expected to increase in price when the market falls. As a result, Newmont Goldcorp could rise in price if the market falls.
E McDonald’s: Rising Dividend During Good And Bad Times
McDonald's is a time-tested stock with a long history of dividend growth. Thanks to its profitable and stable business model, it should continue to increase its dividend for years, even in a recession.
E Ford: Why The 6.5% Dividend Might Not Be Safe In A Recession
Ford has an attractive dividend yield of 6.5%, and the payout is currently backed by sufficient profits. But in a recession, Ford's dividend could be at risk of a cut.
E Coca-Cola: A Blue-Chip Dividend King
Coca-Cola is a blue-chip dividend stock with over 50 consecutive years of dividend increases. The company should continue to increase its dividend, even during a recession.
Why McDonald’s Dividend Will Continue To Grow, Even In A Recession
McDonald’s is undoubtedly a growth success story over its company history, and in turn, shareholders have been rewarded with rising dividends since 1976.
Coca-Cola Stock Dividend: What Investors Need To Know Now
Coca-Cola is one of the very best dividend stocks in the market today. The company has an exemplary dividend growth history through a wide variety of economic conditions.
E PepsiCo: Recession-Proof Dividend Aristocrat
PepsiCo is a Dividend Aristocrat with a nearly 3% yield. Its strong brands and consistent cash flow should continue to provide dividends even during a recession.
Ford Dividend Analysis: Attractive 6.6% Yield, But A Recession Could Spell Trouble
Ford’s dividend yield of 6.6% is extremely attractive at first glance. Even without any dividend growth, this yield could offer investors a significant amount of income.
PepsiCo Dividend: Why This Dividend Aristocrat Is Built For A Recession
PepsiCo has a sustainable dividend, regardless of the state of the economy. And, it has multiple catalysts for future growth, meaning it should continue to raise its dividend each year.
E Why HP Is A Top Tech Stock Today
Tech stocks were not historically known for dividends, but trends are changing. Many tech stocks have growth potential and provide attractive dividends, such as HP Inc.
The Top 10 Tech Stocks Now, Ranked By Expected Returns
For many years, the technology sector was exclusively for risk-takers. The technology sector has always been attractive for growth investors, but now it also holds appeal for value and income investors.
1 to 16 of 1130 Posts
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