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S Exxon Mobil Vs. Chevron: Which One Is More Attractive?
Both oil giants came under great pressure in 2020 due to the pandemic but they are thriving right now thanks to the strong recovery of the energy market.
Monthly Dividend Stock In Focus: Generation Income Properties
Generation Income Properties is a high dividend stock, and its monthly dividend payments make it attractive to income investors.
Dividend Kings In Focus: Computer Services
Computer Services has increased its dividend for 50 consecutive years, including its most recent raise of 8% in July 2021.
Dividend Kings In Focus: MSA Safety
MSA Safety is a strong business with competitive advantages. Moreover, the company also has a reasonable growth profile.
S 3 Business Development Companies With High Yields
Business Development Companies, commonly known as BDCs, offer exceptionally high dividend yields and thus they are popular in the community of income-oriented investors.
Dividend Kings In Focus: Illinois Tool Works
Illinois Tool Works has increased its dividend for 50 consecutive years, which is especially impressive since it operates in a highly cyclical sector.
Dividend Kings In Focus: Tennant Company
Tennant Company is a reliable dividend growth stock that can increase its dividend, even during recessions.
Monthly Dividend Stock In Focus: SLR Investment Corp
The company has paid quarterly dividends since mid-2010 up to April 2022. SLRC paid a $0.60 quarterly dividend from 2010 until halfway through 2013 when the dividend was slashed by one-third to $0.40.
The 6 Best Dividend Stocks Under $5
For investors who may not have a great deal of capital to deploy in such a high-priced stock, there are some stocks that can be bought for under $5 per share.
S U.S. Global Investors: Monthly Dividends, But There Are Risks
U.S. Global Investors has appeal for income investors due to its monthly dividends, but there are risks to the company's future growth plans.
S 3 DRIP Stocks With Rising Dividends
Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) stocks allow you to automatically reinvest incoming dividend payments. We discuss the prospects of three high-quality, no-fee DRIP stocks - XOM, ABBV and AFL.
Monthly Dividend Stock In Focus: Apple Hospitality REIT
The company has a strong balance sheet. Apple Hospitality has a debt to equity ratio of 0.5, which is good for a REIT.
S 3 High-Yield Monthly Dividend Stocks
These high-yield monthly dividend stocks offer exceptionally high yields while they also pay their dividends on a monthly basis.
Monthly Dividend Stock In Focus: Ellington Residential Mortgage REIT
Ellington’s latest dividend increase was a 7.1% raise and is now $0.10 per month. This equals an annual dividend of $1.20.
High Dividend 50: H&R Block
The company has a dividend rate of $1.08 per share, which gives us a dividend yield of 4.1% at the current price.
High Dividend 50: Philip Morris International
Philip Morris Int'l (PM) has been a high dividend yield stock for much of the past decade. The company had challenges with declining volumes and investment in the smoke-free business; however, it is benefiting from focusing on smokeless products.
1 to 16 of 1401 Posts
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