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PepsiCo Dividend: Why This Dividend Aristocrat Is Built For A Recession
PepsiCo has a sustainable dividend, regardless of the state of the economy. And, it has multiple catalysts for future growth, meaning it should continue to raise its dividend each year.
E Why HP Is A Top Tech Stock Today
Tech stocks were not historically known for dividends, but trends are changing. Many tech stocks have growth potential and provide attractive dividends, such as HP Inc.
The Top 10 Tech Stocks Now, Ranked By Expected Returns
For many years, the technology sector was exclusively for risk-takers. The technology sector has always been attractive for growth investors, but now it also holds appeal for value and income investors.
These 10 Dividend Growth Stocks Could Increase Their Dividends By 10%+ Per Year
While high-yield stocks are appealing for the income they provide today, dividend growth stocks are equally appealing due to the potential for even higher dividends down the road.
E Halliburton: Why This Oil Stock Is A Buy
Oil stocks rose sharply last week after an attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. Halliburton is a top dividend stock in the energy sector on a prolonged oil price rally.
Microsoft Dividend: 11% Increase For This Dividend Growth Stock
Microsoft’s 1.5% forward yield is still a fairly low yield. But if Microsoft can continue to increase its dividend at such a high rate, investors will see their yield on cost rise dramatically over time.
EC The Top 10 Oil Stocks For Rising Oil Prices
Oil prices jumped following an attack on Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s largest oil-producing nations. A supply disruption or heightened geopolitical tensions could keep the oil price rally going.
E Ambev: This International Beer Stock Is A High-Yield Hidden Gem
Beer stocks provide high dividend yields and steady profits, even during recessions. Ambev is a high-growth beer stock that provides international exposure and a compelling dividend.
The Top 6 Beer Stocks For Dividends And Growth
The beer industry has numerous players with global diversification and strong competitive advantages. Each offers investors a unique angle on the market.
E Hecla Mining: This Dividend Paying Silver Stock Could Generate Strong Returns
Silver prices are poised to rise from inflationary trends across the world. This silver mining stock could reward shareholders with growth and dividends.
E Kinross Gold: Fundamental Analysis Of A Major Gold Stock
Gold stocks could be among the market's biggest winners from falling interest rates and rising geopolitical tensions.
E BP: A Top Oil Supermajor With A 6.7% Dividend Yield
BP is lowering its breakeven price, investing in growth projects and pumping out a nearly 7% yield.
Warren Buffett’s $50 Billion Apple Investment
Warren Buffett’s newest 13F filings were recently released. The Oracle of Omaha’s largest single stock holding continues to be Apple (AAPL) at 23.74% of his portfolio. This is his second large technology company investment.
The 8 Best Water Stocks: How To Profit From One Of Life’s Bare Necessities
Water could be one of the biggest investing themes over the next several decades. An increasing global population is only going to cause demand for water to rise in the future.
Berkshire Hathaway’s Second Quarter 2019 Results; Detailed Analysis
Berkshire Hathaway’s second quarter results were slightly disappointing – especially with regard to the company’s slower-than-expected pace of share repurchases.
The 10 Best Infrastructure Stocks Today
Upgrading the nation’s infrastructure is a pressing need in the United States. U.S. infrastructure—which includes things like highways, bridges, railroads, and more—is in dire need of investment.
1 to 16 of 1117 Posts
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