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Monthly Dividend Stock In Focus: Realty Income
REITs are favorites among dividend investors because they pay out the vast majority of their earnings to shareholders via dividends, which generally leads to high yields.
Monthly Dividend Stock In Focus: Shaw Communications
Shaw has a strong business model, growth potential thanks to revenue increases and margin expansion, and its 4.3% yield is now safer than it has been in recent years.
E Imperial Oil Is Growing Faster Than Many Big Oil Majors
Imperial Oil is an under-the-radar Big Oil stock that is growing faster than many of its better-known competitors. Imperial Oil offers growth potential to investors as well as a compelling dividend payout.
The 8 Best Dividend-Paying Oil Stocks For 2019 And Beyond
While the energy sector requires special attention in the due diligence process, it includes some of the best opportunities in the stock market for high dividend yields and total expected returns.
Dividend Aristocrats In Focus: Linde Plc
Linde stock has performed well since the merger with Praxair. Expectations are high for the potential of the combined company, but at this time we feel Linde’s stock is overvalued.
E This Canadian Oil Stock Yields 8% And Pumps Out Monthly Dividends
Vermilion Energy has a high dividend yield of 8% and the company pays dividends each month. Vermilion stock is attractive for income investors.


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Is A 3M Dividend Reinvestment Plan A Good Choice For Investors?
7 months ago

Thanks for reading!

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Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 22: T. Rowe Price Group
4 years ago

That article is incorrect about the 26x PE multiple. You can see more in the comments of the article. I believe the author may have made an error confusing PE10 (price divided by AVERAGE earnings over 10 years) with PE on accident, but that is just a guess.

In this article: BEN, TROW
Dividend Aristocrats In Focus Part 22: T. Rowe Price Group
4 years ago

I have no idea. There is only one real PE multiple for the S&P 500. It is currently 18.28.

Source: http://www.multpl.com/

In this article: BEN, TROW
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