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Independent researcher Steve St. Angelo (SRSrocco) started to invest in precious metals in 2002.  Later on in 2008, he began researching areas of the gold and silver market that, curiously, the majority of the precious metal analyst community have left unexplored.  These areas ... more


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The Silver Price Surges Higher As Mine Supply Falls In Top Producing Countries
As the silver price rally continues, mine supply from three of the top producing countries fell significantly this year.
Will The Precious Metals Rally Continue Throughout The Summer?
While the gold and silver prices have broken out higher, precious metals investors are wondering if the rally will continue throughout the rest of the summer.
The Precious Metals Are Setting Up For Big Moves Higher
After six long years, the precious metals are finally setting up for big moves higher.
Gold & Silver Surge Higher As Market Carnage Continues
The Precious metals rally as the carnage in the global markets moves into high gear.
Top Bakken Shale Producer Stock Plummets Nearly 40% Today
Whiting Petroleum’s stock was hammered due to miserable earnings, a huge drop in oil prices, and additional Chinese tariffs issued by the Trump Whitehouse. Whiting’s stock price fell $7 in a single day to close at $10.84.
The U.S. Corn Ethanol Boondoggle: Producing 1 Million Barrels Per Day Of Unprofitable Energy
The U.S. Corn Ethanol Industry, the largest in the world, is now losing a serious amount of money producing unprofitable biofuel.
What Is The Silver Market Price Telling Us Now?
Precious metals investors are once again excited about silver as the price has shot up 10% in the past month.
Major Production Declines From The Top Two Primary Silver Mining Companies
As the silver price continues to break out of its lows, two of the top primary mining companies are experiencing major production declines in the first half of the year.
Silver Breakout Continues: Next Important Key Levels
While the silver price has broken above the symmetrical triangle formation, it still has a few key levels to surpass to continue its upward trend.
The Silver Price: Setting Up For A Breakout?
While gold surged from $1,340 to $1,440 in just one week last month, silver only went up a mere $o.70. Thus, the Gold-Silver ratio increased from 89/1 to 94/1, in the same five-day period.
Finance Costs Are Killing The Shale Industry
If the rapid decline rate or the massive debt doesn’t destroy the U.S. Shale Industry, the finance costs most certainly will.
Who Are The Gold Buyers That Pushed The Price Over $1,400?
In June, the gold price finally broke above the $1,400 level after five long years. So, who was responsible for pushing the gold price to a new high since 2013?
World Produces More Gold In A Day Than It Did For An Entire A Year During 16th Century
It’s extremely wise for precious metals investors to pay attention to what happens to global oil production.
The United States A Net Oil Exporter? The Dirty Little Secret
The United States became a net oil exporter for the first time in 75 years, or so they say. While the U.S. may indeed be exporting more petroleum than it imports from time to time, there’s a dirty little secret behind the data.
Peru’s Largest Primary Silver Mine Production Plummets 54%
As the world financial system heads closer to the abyss, global production of the second most important precious metal, silver, continues to deal with serious problems.
Trouble At The Bakken: Oil Production Finally Peaking?
If we look at the past seven months, the North Dakota Bakken has only added 36,000 barrels per day (bd) of new oil production compared to 114,000 bd during the same period last year.
1 to 16 of 313 Posts
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