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Independent researcher Steve St. Angelo (SRSrocco) started to invest in precious metals in 2002.  Later on in 2008, he began researching areas of the gold and silver market that, curiously, the majority of the precious metal analyst community have left unexplored.  These areas ... more


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We Haven’t Seen Anything Yet: The Coming Tiny Silver Market Explosion
Even though the silver price has surged over the past two months, we haven’t seen anything yet. Step aside, Tesla.
Silver Bull Market Continues: Heading Towards The Next Price Target
With silver surging another $1.70 today, the new bull market now seems to be intact. Not only did silver jump by another 7% today, gold climbed by more than $41 by the end of trading.
ExxonMobil’s Financials Continue To Hemorrhage During Q2 2020
The global contagion that negatively impacted the oil industry couldn’t have come at a worse time for ExxonMobil. After the company increased its long term debt by $12 billion over the last year, ExxonMobil may have to borrow even more money.
Mexico & Peru Silver Production Sees Big Declines Again In May
According to the data released by Mexico and Peru’s mining report, domestic silver production continued to be depressed. The data released from Mexico’s INEGI shows that the country’s silver production in May was less than April's silver production.
Early Silver Market Update: Where Silver Closes Today Sets An Important Trend For Next Month
While there is a lot of volatility in the silver price during early U.S. trading, where it closes today will likely set the trend for next month.
Massive Investment Demand Puts Silver Back On The Mainstream Radar
With silver up 30% for the month, the shiny metal is now back on the Mainstream Media Radar.
U.S. Mint To Reduce Gold & Silver Eagle Production Over The Next 12-18 Months
Due to measures taking by the West Point Mint to protect workers from the virus, the production of gold and silver coins will be reduced over the next 12-18 months.
Market Update: Silver Adds Nearly $2 & Closes At Important Technical Level
What is interesting about the last few minutes of trading, silver closed right at the highs. So, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens in early Asian trading if silver breaks above its new short-term resistance level.
Gold Eagle Sales Already 3X Last Year’s Total & U.S. Mint Still Struggling To Produce Silver Eagles
As the Fed and central banks continue to prop up the global economy with massive monetary stimulus, investors are just beginning to move into the precious metals to protect wealth.
It’s All Downhill From Here: U.S. Oil Production Peak Already In The Rear-View Mirror
If we look at the current situation as of June 2020, U.S. total oil production declined 2.1 mbd, mostly from the temporary curtailment of shale oil and offshore wells in the Gulf of Mexico.
Bullish Market Update: Silver Price Gets The Green Light To Move Higher
With the silver price closing at the high of the day, with an extremely bullish technical indicator, it now has the Green Light to move higher.
Silver Price Gets The Green Light To Move Higher
With the silver price closing at the high of the day, with an extremely bullish technical indicator, it now has the Green Light to move higher.
Important Day For Silver: Price Action Today Will Set The Short-Term Trend
While many precious metals investors don’t follow or care about technical analysis, I can assure you that the professionals are keeping a close eye on the trading action.
Silver Breaks Out Above $21, What’s Next For Investors?
The long-awaiting day has finally arrived. After five long years, silver has finally reached its previous high of $21 set back in 2016.
Pan American Silver Suspends Operations Of Its Silver Mines In Peru
Pan American Silver announced today the suspension of two of its silver mines in Peru due to several workers testing positive for the COVID-19 virus.
Great Week For Silver And The Miners: Which Company Had The Best Stock Performance?
The world is just beginning to learn about silver. With so very little physical bullion silver stocks in the world, when investors finally get “Precious Metals Religion,” who knows how crazy the price can go.
1 to 16 of 422 Posts
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