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Steve Hach is the Editor at, a Melbourne, Florida-based stock valuation and forecast service. ValuEngine utilizes Ivy League financial research as the basis for its coverage of more than 8000 US, Canadian, and other foreign stocks. Hach utilizes ValuEngine's ...more

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Wells Fargo Settles Cases Related To Shady Sales Practices
You may have missed it over the holidays, but there was some big news in the Wells Fargo sales scandal. The company finally reached a settlement with all 50 states regarding its shady business practices.
Footwear Maker Deckers Outdoor Is Upgraded To Buy
No "Strong Buy" today, but here are the top five Buy upgrades.
Planet Fitness: Look For Outperform
Planet Fitness is one of the nationwide gyms about to enter its busy season, the time of year when so-called "resolutionaries" invade its fitness facilities to work off those holiday pounds and get ready for next Summer's bathing-suit.
Even Though Macy's Posts Decent Earnings, We Still Rate Stock A Sell
Macy's updated its guidance and increased EPS estimates for the year, but our models remain unimpressed with M.
American Icon Sears Run Into Ground
It's been a long time coming, but what so many predicted has finally come to pass. Sears Holdings has declared bankruptcy
Market Tumbles On Nasdaq Rotation, Trade, And Fed Tightening Fears
We take a look at some of our top stocks in the defensive utilities sector.
Why Boston Beer Company Is Ranked BUY
We have heard a lot from beverage industry analysts over the past few years vis-a-vis craft beer. For today's bulletin, we take a look at the Boston Beer Company $SAM
Kneeling For Nike
It remains to be seen how this will all shake out in the long run, but as of now we believe Nike has done itself some good here.
Tesla's Musk Creates Turmoil For Company
Elon Musk's latest Twitter posts caused buy-out rumors to swirl around Tesla.
GrubHub Is A Strong Buy
Despite operating in a space with numerous competitors--including the aforementioned Uber via its UberEats service, GrubHub has continued to post great earnings.
Emissions Scandal Continues As Volkswagen Audi CEO Is Arrested
Volkswagen just doesn't seem able to shake loose of their pollution-control scandal and their use of defeat devices to cheat on vehicle emissions tests.
Why Twitter Is A Strong Buy
The company exhibits attractive momentum and company size.
Why We Rate Microsoft A Buy
Microsoft used to be the leader, now many consider it "stale" despite its massive business in staples of computing such as Windows, Office, etc.
The Latest On Apple
Apple Inc. has made a series of announcements for new software, including iOS12 for portable devices like iPads and iPhones and macOS10.14 for the firm's computers.
Dry Bulk Shipper Genco A Strong Buy
For today's bulletin, we take a look at Genco Shipping and Trading $GNK.
Buy Boeing Loses Big With Iran Decision
We have yet another controversial policy decision out of DC today, and once more as we saw with the recent moves on tariffs, this decision may negatively impact key portions of the US industrial-manufacturing base, such as Boeing.
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