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Ryan Mallory is the founder of and has been trading for more than 20 years. He got his start in the stock market at 11 years old when he inherited $5,000 from a relative that had passed away. Instead of putting the money in a college fund until he was 18, Ryan convinced his ... more


Stock Market Back To All-Time Highs
Is the stock market heading back to all-time highs, or is the sell-off on Monday the start of a far greater market correction, or worse a stock market crash?
Time To Buy The Dip In The Stock Market Again!?
The stock market had its worst week since February. Is the stock market top in and is the stock market going to crash again, should you sell your stocks and go to cash now?
Stock Market Bubble Update And AMC Earnings
Should we predict another AMC stock squeeze from the AMC earnings call or buy AMC stock?
Should You Buy Robinhood Stock IPO?
Robinhood stock is the latest IPO to go public. How long should you wait before buying Robinhood will be answered along with an analysis of past IPOs.
Stock Market Bubble Update: Will The Stock Market Always Go Up?
The stock market bubble looks unstoppable and makes you actually wonder "will the stock market always go up?" With each sell off in stocks, comes the feeling of a stock market crash, only for the dip buyers to buy in at critical support levels.
5 Best Stocks To Buy Now
In the midst of a stock market bubble, Ryan provides his best stocks to buy now. In other stock market news, after seeing technology stocks sell off four straight weeks, traders investing in the stock market fear a stock market crash in 2021.


AAPL Apple Inc.
DIA SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average
FB Facebook Inc
GOOG Alphabet Inc. (Google)
HD Home Depot Inc.
IBB iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund
IWM iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund
MA MasterCard Incorporated
MCD McDonald's Corporation
MSFT Microsoft Corporation
NEE NextEra Energy Inc.
NFLX Netflix Inc.
QQQ PowerShares QQQ Trust Series 1
SPX S&P 500 Index
SQ Square
TSLA Tesla Motors Inc.
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University of Central Florida
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1999 / 2003
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The Part-Time Trader: Trading Stock as a Part-Time Venture
Ryan Mallory

Practical advice and easy-to-follow guidelines for part-time stock traders.